Protect your computer and your digital life with this 100% free solution

With the volume of internet transactions and the storage of files on our computers, malicious people can come and inject viruses that could potentially hijack your data. It’s time to protect yourself with an antivirus like the 100% free Avira Free Security plan.

More and more people will include data on the internet, download software, attachments to our emails or more naturally, browse the internet. All of these actions performed end to end can potentially be dangerous, especially if you don’t have protection on a computer, tablet or smartphone. At a time when digital is growing in our daily lives, antivirus organization is essential.

On the other hand, make no mistake, because there is no antivirus that does not make mistakes. As a result, even the best antivirus can accidentally enter a virus. If you want to extend your Internet sessions, a simple antivirus like Avira Free Security will be more than enough.

In fact, people who want to protect their data stored on their computer can naturally go with Avira Free Security. Those who want more advanced features can go with the paid version of Avira. But, this free antivirus already offers very good protections and great features for the moderate cost of zero euros. Why deprive yourself of it, especially since your data can never be transmitted for the sake of your digital life?

Avira Free Security: a free antivirus that offers you essential things for browsing the internet with peace of mind

The free version of Avira Free Security relies on so many important points that should not be missed: file and user security, confidentiality of actions performed on a computer and on the Internet and performance. These will allow you to browse the internet, download great software and play without feeling the slightest slowdown, while protecting you. A tool that can find its place on a computer dedicated to gaming or on a computer for teleworking.

Furthermore, in recent years, with many incarceration and reorganization schedules, we are a good portion of the working population to stay at home. To protect sensitive data that could possibly pass between the cloud server and the computer, every byte will be monitored and protected by Avira Free Security.

Avira’s free antivirus will be particularly effective, especially since between phishing sites, nearly 1.5 million per month, ransomware and millions of malware spreading on the internet, no one is really safe from danger. As a reminder, even paid antivirus software can potentially infiltrate well-coded malware.

Just remember that you can pay for your products without fear at your favorite online stores (Amazon, CDiscount, Rakuten, Boulanger, AliExpress, etc.).

VPN, password manager and digital life: features included in this free antivirus offer

Users who want to take advantage of automatic username and password filling without going through Google, Apple or Microsoft services for fear of data leaks can use the manager without any worries.built-in password protection in Avira Free Security. This feature will be effective if you frequently browse public wifi networks, on the train, at a station, in a restaurant chain or even in a park.

Moreover, to further protect your digital life, Avira Free Security will allow you to use, again, its VPN for free. This service will make it possible to secure your internet connection, private and public, wherever you are.

To further protect you, Avira Free Security includes an ad blocker for the Google and Firefox web browsers. If you use Safari, Brave, or Microsoft Edge, fear not, Avira Free Security also offers to protect your data and your digital life with these browsers.

Avira Free Security, the best free antivirus

As we said earlier, Avira Free Security already offers a great set of features that will protect you on the Internet, protect your local data without affecting the performance of your computer.

The free offer will offer its users the ability to clean files (cookies, etc.) daily to optimize their computer performance and free up storage space. Note that Avira Free Security is available for free on Windows and macOS (Intel and M1).

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