Oracle leverages Cloud Security Capabilities with Integrated Threat Management

Oracle leverages Cloud Security Capabilities with Integrated Threat Management

The new features strengthen the defense of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle applications come together to allow customers to protect their applications and data.

Oracle is expanding integrated security services and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) features to enable customers to protect their cloud applications and data from emerging threats. Five new features enrich OCI’s comprehensive security offering and include a new integrated, cloud-native firewall service as well as enhancements to Oracle Cloud Guard and Oracle Security Zones. These innovations will allow companies to easily secure their cloud deployments and applications using simple, prescriptive and integrated services that, in most cases, require no additional investment.

Today, companies in a variety of industries from financial services to retail are shifting their mission -critical activities to the cloud. Therefore, they must defend against security vulnerabilities, behind the firewall and outside, resulting in more breaches and vulnerable data. For example, regarding threats that arise within a company, Gartner® estimates that “By 2023, at least 99% of cloud security failures will be customer -affected. »[1] To meet this challenge, cloud users and administrators are expected to know how cloud security services work, configure them correctly, and maintain their cloud deployments.

New security innovations for OCI

Oracle has provided OCI customers with the basics and integrated security capabilities so they can meet regulatory compliance requirements, address security threats and concerns, and security-related vulnerabilities. Oracle has expanded its cloud security capabilities to provide multiple layers of defense to detect and respond to emerging threats and security breaches quickly.

New features are of concern:

OCI Network Firewall brings centralized protection against cyberattacks to OCI using cloud-native next-generation firewall technology from industry-leading Palo Alto Networks virtual machine series (Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall technology (NGFW). The firewall provides security controls, threat prevention, and risk mitigation features such as custom URL filtering, intrusion prevention and detection (IDS/IPS), and TLS inspection for incoming, outgoing traffic, and incoming client workloads hosted on OCI.With the OCI Network Firewall, customers can quickly strengthen and secure their applications and cloud environments using firewall capabilities and measure their security across their cloud deployment.OCI Network Firewall is available as a turnkey offering to allow customers to take immediate advantage of the nang h it is not necessary to configure or manage additional security infrastructures.

- Oracle Threat Intelligence Service gathers threat analysis data from a variety of sources and manages this data to provide insights for detecting and preventing threats to Oracle Cloud Guard and other OCI services. This service offers analytics from Oracle’s unique telemetry, open source resources like and Tor exit relays, as well as external partners like CrowdStrike.

Oracle Cloud Guard Threat Detector detects misconfiguration of resources, insecure activity within customer environments, and malicious threat activity. It gives security administrators the ability to direct and resolve security issues in the cloud. Security inconsistencies can be automatically resolved using turnkey responses from Cloud Guard to scale the Security Operations Center efficiently.

- Oracle Security Zone: an extension of this solution provides support for customer -defined policy sets and an integrated security status that allows Cloud Guard monitoring. Now, customers can create a custom Safe Zone policy set to anticipate potential actions that could compromise their security. Security Zone policies can be applied to various cloud infrastructures (e.g. network, computing, storage, database, etc.) to ensure that cloud resources remain secure and help prevent incorrect configurations. Users define policies that suit their needs by defining custom safe zone policy sets. OCI empowers Security Zones policies as an integrated platform that supports a growing number of OCI Security complementary services. Unlike Identity Access Management (IAM) access rights that are tied to people, Security Zone policies serve as security guardrails for resources and define permitted configurations.

- Oracle Cloud Guard Fusion Applications Detector complements Oracle Cloud Guard’s cloud security management by also monitoring Oracle Fusion Cloud applications and providing customers with an integrated view of security policies. Primarily available for Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management and Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning, the Oracle Cloud Guard Fusion Applications Detector provides preconfigured and custom configurations or “recipes” for tracking potential security breaches in applications . Detectors trigger alerts on sensitive configuration changes related to user access that affect access to important data, such as adding, deleting or modifying data or granting certain user access. functions or users or further changes to certain topics.

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