Nubbo is evolving by becoming the first mission -driven incubator in France

Why was this technique initiated by Nubbo?

The status of the company with the mission defined by the Pacte law of 2019 has allowed companies to demonstrate their high level of commitment to CSR (corporate social responsibility). It doesn’t exist for associations, but we decided to use it to highlight and reaffirm our social and environmental commitments. We started this process last year and we made it official on May 19 at our general meeting, making Nubbo the first French mission incubator.

What does this mean for the incubator?

We have modified our association articles to include our goal, our social and environmental goals and the monitoring procedures to show that these goals are being met. For twenty-four months, then every two years, an independent third-party organization will come and see if our laws are set to music. And inside, we created a four -member mission committee that will be responsible for checking if the mission presented has been properly applied. It shall meet quarterly and submit its report to the annual general meeting.

More concretely, what are your goals?

To be a responsible structure, we will ensure that 50% of incubated start-ups will be, by the end of 2023, companies with a mission or moving towards certification or labeling. In the CSR jungle, the company with the mission is a first step that brings visibility, the easiest to set up and the smallest internal restrictions.

And your way of acting?

We are in the process of developing support tools for start-ups, preparing operational workshops to raise their awareness of CSR issues, helping them implement their strategy by addressing specific themes. How to establish your carbon footprint? How to work with salary scale? How to recruit to achieve a workforce of 50% women and 50% men? We can also support them in their approach to obtaining “Be Corp” certification, an international reference label that is somewhat similar to Rolls Royce in terms of CSR. To encourage companies to implement an early and effective strategy, we decided to exemplify ourselves and make our social and environmental commitments clear, including vis-à-vis our regional environment and our partners, by encouraging them to also use a CSR approach.

Are start-ups volunteer when it comes to CSR?

We’ve noticed that start-ups aren’t very aware of these issues. They are only concerned with their CSR approach when its absence is a problem. Of the twenty -five companies we support within Nubbo, three have the status of a company with a mission, including Alvina, to Lot, which decided to activate a source of natural medicinal water known since Antiquity for on its benefits. Others have not implemented any CSR strategy. Creators show a certain awareness on a personal level, but this does not translate into their professional activity.

Within Ocseed, the venture capital company created in 2020 by Nubbo for innovative start-ups in Occitanie in the seed and pre-seed phase, we made the same observation. Of the sixteen start-ups in which we invested, only one incorporated a CSR strategy. We’re doing this axis, before it was for us but, for companies, it became important. They realize this at critical times in their development.

For recruitment first. Young graduates, increasingly looking for meaning, do not go to companies not focused on CSR. Similarly, the funds now have an ESG approach [1] and only invest in companies that show their desire to be responsible, with supporting laws. Without it, they do not open folders. The provision of subsidies and public assistance increasingly incorporates this dimension.

Interview with Johanna Decorse

Pictured: Thierry Merquiol, in charge of fundraising at Nubbo and managing director of venture capital company Ocseed. – Credits: Rémy Gabalda-ToulÉco.


[1] Environmental, Social and Management Standards that assess the sustainability of an investment

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