Honorable mention for “Les Affaires” in the Grand Prix du issue category

After reviewing over 1,000 applications for the 45e annual edition of the Canadian Magazine Awards, that was announced by the Canadian Media Awards Foundation (CMFA). Deals received an honorable mention in the Grand Prix du Numéro category for its “SOS to recruit” number.

First prize was given to Dinette magazine for its issue “Trésor – 020”, and second prize to Canadian Business for its issue “Fall 2021: How I Made It”.

The first prize is given to dinette magazine for the number “Trésor – 020”, and the second prize in Business in Canada for his number “Fall 2021: How I Made It”.

Every year, Deals publishes a special issue Large companies, consisting of thematic articles and a ranking. In 2021, we also chose to face a major problem from all angles: workforce recruitment.

In fact, large companies must be creative to avoid the lack of talent that hinders their growth.

Instead of pondering the problem, known to our readers, our journalist Emmanuel Martinez and our collaborators chose to present solutions that large employers have found to face the most challenges affecting the workforce. work: recruiting abroad, aiming for diversity, offering canned corn jobs, creating your own university, calling retired baby boomers, offering respect, giving bonuses … all most original ideas have been explored!

To complete, two texts came to feed the reflection. François Normand’s narrative suggests that it was necessary to take inspiration from Japan to avoid the wall of labor shortages. For her part, guest expert Nathalie Francisci encouraged us to bet on diaspora, along with her text Be global, hire local.

This special issue also marked the return of our historic ranking of companies with the largest number of employees in Quebec, after a noticeable absence in 2020. In fact, in the midst of this unprecedented crisis if where many companies find themselves making daunting choices to survive, it has become impossible to publish. So we’re even more excited to be offering it again this year.

This classification, unique in its kind in Quebec, represents a substantial investment for the group of Deals. From February to May, thousands of companies are asked to send us their data. Once they have been compiled, complete data validation, revision and standardization will be carried out. It is worth the effort, because it is highly sought after by our readers, to whom it is an information mine as a business development tool.

Since many companies are planning to return to the office in the fall, we also want to provide an update on commercial real estate and explore the impact of remote employment in this sector.

Approaching the holidays is the perfect opportunity to examine the securities of tourism companies on the Stock Exchange, and help our readers who are investors make informed decisions about certain sectors.

The winners will be announced on June 3 in a virtual ceremony led by award-winning journalist Kelly Boutsalis.

Contributed to the success of this issue:

Marine Thomas, editor-in-chief

Denis Lalonde, Chief Information Officer – lesaffaires.com

Stéphane Rolland, chief information officer – invest and Les Affaires plus

Marie-Pier Frappier, desk manager

Charles DesGroseilliers, artistic director

Jean-Paul Gagné, editor emeritus

Dominique Beauchamp, journalist

François Normand, journalist

Catherine Charron, journalist at the digital desk

Philippe Lemelin, journalist at the digital desk

Benoîte Labrosse, head of special files

Louis-Philippe Larocque, head of infographics

Marco Chioini, examiner

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