FIC 2022: the 4 Startup Prize winners

Strong Network, Mindflow, BlackNoise and NANO Corp: these are the names of the winners of the 2022 FIC Startup Prize. Who are they?

GitGuardian, founded in 2017, is based in Paris and specializes in detecting GitHub secrets. Hackuity, born in 2018, was founded in the Lyon region and is the origin of a vulnerability management platform. ubble, trademark of the company NJFVision, made in 2018 in the Loiret and marketed a remote identity verification solution. The three won prizes at the start of FIC 2021. The first won the “grand prize”. The second, the one on the jury … awarded the third its “coup de coeur”.

This year, they were not three, but four won. The consequence of adding the “industrial cybersecurity” category. Another new: for the first time, the competition is open to European start-ups. Of the 14 shortlisted (for 75 applications) there is one Italian company: Ermes, which is positioned on the protection of web browsing. There are also two Swiss companies. One (CYSEC) has not won any awards in its ARCA Trusted OS secure execution environment. Others are luckier.

Strong Network, FIC start-up award

Founded in 2020, Strong Network is based in Yverdon-les-Bains, in the canton of Vaud. Its boss: Laurent Balmelli (president and product director). He started the company with Ozrenko Dragic (Engineering Director). The two men met at Snap, which acquired Laurent Balmelli’s former company: Strong Codes (software code protection).

Strong Network offers a Kubernetes-based cloud IDE management platform. In SaaS, private cloud or on site, it creates a “security bubble” around development tools and data science.
The start-up has raised, this year, more than 5 M €, along with Finnish investment fund OpenOcean.

Mindflow, jury prize

Flow of mindFounded in 2021 and based in Paris, Mindflow has the support of Thales, where its two founders come from. On one side, Paul-Arthur Jonville, president. On the other hand, Fabrice Delhoste, CTO.

Mindflow was one of the first to join the Cyber ​​Booster incubation program … like Malizen, another FIC award finalist. Its product: a SOAR (platform low code automation of security operations). It is currently in early access.

BlackNoise, crush

BlackNoise FICBlackNoise is a cyber event generator, intended to test detection and reaction capabilities. This is the Erium company’s “defense” column, including:

– Cyber ​​Investigation (raising awareness based on investigations inspired by real incidents)
– CyberSec360 (cyber risk audit)
-Shadline (collaborative messaging focused on resilience, with crisis mode deployed on OVHcloud and managed by LinkByNet)

Shadline – Clusif’s choice specifically – is the first of these products to see the light of day. Originally brought (2014) by Owaltech, which has since become a subsidiary of Erium, with the same CEO at its head: Arnaud Le Men.

NANO Corp., OT price

NANO Corp FICFounded in 2019 and based in Paris, NANO Corp’s chief executive is Francis Fanch, a former cyber analyst at the Ministry of the Armed Forces. Its product: a software network probe – SaaS or on site – with visualization system (n.Scope) and flow recorder (n.Rewind). It scans layers 2 through 7 on standard hardware, specifically competing with the tracking functions of firewalls and IDS/IPS.

Among its supporters, NANO Corp notably includes Elaia, for which it raised € 1.6 million. The company is a member of the start-up program of OVHcloud and Intel Ignite.

The other ten finalists of the FIC Startup Prize

In addition to Ermes and CYSEC, mentioned above, the jury – whose composition can be found here – has pre -selected four Breton start -ups:

– ANOZR WAY (reducing people’s exposure to digital risk)
– Enthec (threat intelligence)
– GLIMPS (detection and response)
– Malizen (visualization of cybersecurity data)

A Hérault start-up was selected: (predictive analysis; trademark of Predimya). As well as three Ile-de-France start-ups:

-CetraC (Paris; data interconnection technology for embedded and IoT)
-Dataxium (Hauts-de-Seine; SOC)
– StrangeBee (Paris; incident response platform)

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