Cybersecurity: an emerging ecosystem

The very first edition of the Cybersecurity Strategic Forum was held on October 4 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. For the occasion, more than 400 participants and 30 panelists gathered, in hybrid mode, with the Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity and Minister responsible for the Mauricie region, Jean Boulet, and the Minister Delegate for Government Digital Transformation, Éric Cairo. They discussed the risks surrounding the acceleration of needs related to digital transformation and the solutions that will be implemented to protect our companies from cyberattacks. The words: collaboration, integrated strategy and cyber resilience.

BLOCK 1 – The metropolis ’key actors in cybersecurity and their expertise

“There is a real awareness of cybersecurity issues. Regardless of their size, all companies understand the risks. We must advance the implementation of solutions.» – Michel Leblanc, President and CEO, Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal

“The match between concrete needs and cybersecurity training is essential. It is a key ingredient for the success of our businesses.» – Jean Boulet, Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity

“Digital change is inevitable for all gamers, and we do not yet fully understand the importance of cybersecurity. It should be seen as an investment, not an expense.» – Éric Caire, Minister Delegate for Digital Government Change

Tribune-Cybersecurity: an overview of an emerging ecosystem

“Our goal is to create a functional cybersecurity ecosystem in Quebec and Canada. Compared to other economic powers, Montreal is at the beginning of this capacity.» – Pascal Fortin, Partner, Advisory Services, Cybersecurity, KPMG

Tribune-An emerging start-up ecosystem

“You have to enter a mode of open innovation to be competitive. A single company cannot meet all the technological challenges; we have to create a richer ecosystem and better connections between companies.» – Richard Chenier, Managing Director, Centech

BLOCK 2 – Raising awareness of companies on the importance of properly protecting and equipping themselves

Calls for awareness: new cybersecurity issues

“A cybersecurity awareness plan is not a project, it is ongoing practice. It includes messages that need to be repeated in different ways.» – Lise Lapointe, President and CEO, Terranova Security

Panel – Cyber ​​resilience: solutions to reduce risks

“People should be at the heart of a cyber resilience strategy. People are the weakest point, but also the strongest in a cybersecurity equation.» -Nicolas Duguay, Director, Business Development, In-Sec-M

Tribune – Increase the agility and innovation of your business while ensuring its protection

“You have to bet on the materialization of the risk. The question is not whether you will be the victim of an attempted data theft, but when you will be.» – Réjean Rhéaume, senior consulting director who specializes in management, risk, compliance and data protection, CGI

BLOCK 3-Fixing the future of cybersecurity

Panel – Access to skilled talent key to industry growth

“You need the right talent to implement best practices at every level of the company.» – Melanie Bosc, General Manager, TECHNOCompetences

Joint forum – Collaboration to develop future cybersecurity projects

“Our network needs to be stable, reliable and predictable. We need to think about different controls than the ones we put in place to protect confidentiality. The management of essential services is done in real time.» -Moshe Toledano, Director, Corporate Cybersecurity, Hydro-Québec

Panel – Commitments initiatives for the future of cybersecurity

“Cybersecurity can allow us to go further, faster. » – Marcel Labelle, President and CEO, Cybereco

“If we can manage ourselves well, a lot of progress will be possible. For example, in medicine, a whole generation of discoveries awaits us if we can make progress in security.» – Luc Sirois, Chief Quebec Innovator, Quebec Innovation Council

About the Cybersecurity Strategy Forum

The Cybersecurity Strategic Forum is organized by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. This has become possible thanks to the invaluable collaboration of our Gold sponsors: KPMG; from our Silver sponsors: La Presse, Montreal Gazette and Prompt; as well as our Bronze sponsor: Loto-Québec. The event was made in collaboration with Cybereco and became possible thanks to the financial participation of the Government of Quebec.

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