The community appears to be “code -free” in Quebec

In addition to creating a community, the organizers noted the emergence of a new profession: the “no-coder”, whose role covers the design, implementation and maintenance of digital products on behalf of other companies. (Photo: courtesy)

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THE TECHNO DOOR ADVICE. The beginning of creating a community no code in Quebec and the emergence of the “no-coder” profession. These are key takeaways from the first No-Code & Design event held on May 12 in Montreal and organized by DesignWare and Slack’s “no-code France” community.

“Grow up, no code we really need this community and its users, “said Lucie Loubet, marketing director of software development company DesignWare.” There are always new tools, you always need someone else to guide you, “she said in an interview. sa Deals.

This is also the opinion of Katherine Martel, co-founder of Studio Maze Design, a marketing and web development agency that specializes in Shopify. “There is a serious lack of a cross-platform community that will allow for the ongoing exchange of skills,” he added.

Lucie Loubet said she felt a “strong interest” in the technology during the event, which brought together 25 people. “The no code is discreet because we’re not talking about it, but a lot of people use it ”, believes one who uses tools no code without knowing it.

Simon Mazerolle, co-founder of Studio Maze Design, also mentioned the intense interest of the people no codeas well as the lack of a digital place to gather, discuss and ask questions.

The no code allows, through simple interfaces, to democratize access to design tools or solutions for people without programming experience such as websites or the automation of certain tasks.

Specializes in a tool

In addition to creating a community, the organizers noted the emergence of a new profession: the “no-coder”, whose role covers the design, implementation and maintenance of digital products on behalf of other companies.

It was precisely this field of expertise of Studio Maze Design that demonstrated its agency during the event. Founded during the pandemic, this is the first time networking for the two co-founders of the start-up.

“It was really beyond our expectations,” Katherine Martel said. “It’s a great way to see if there’s interest and if we’re going to the right place,” Simon Mazerolle added.

And certainly speaking of interest, the two co-founders received some when participants often asked them how to build an agency like theirs.

“The reason we are successful and able to grow our team to five full-time employees is that we have a single expertise and we don’t claim to know more,” Katherine Martel replied.

Although they also used Webflow to build a client’s website – the project featured at the event – their expertise stopped at Shopify. They don’t want to expand their field of expertise to accommodate more customers, despite the interconnectedness of the different tools. no code.

Ability to “prototype” a creative perspective

An observation also emerges from the participants, especially the possibility that there is no code quickly develop solutions without going through a team of developers.

“More and more, users want to have the‘ prototype ’autonomy of a creative perspective”, believes Katherine Martel. In the same breath, he believes companies have everything to gain from doing business with experts in no code.

Lucie Loubet also believes in this, especially with such a need for labor and developers in Quebec.

Samuel Girard was also one of the users of no code to grow the digital side of their condo maintenance business, Briance. It was through a Webflow advertisement that he discovered the technology he describes as “what he has always wanted”.

In fact, he said he has always had an interest in web design. He even took a CEGEP course, but using web developers to conceptualize “what[il a] ideally “made the whole thing” impossible “.

Thanks to no code, he was able to reposition his company where the number of its employees dropped from 10 to 3 due to the pandemic. He thought of his initial investment in no code.

Samuel Girard said by consulting the “community” sections offered by the tools no code that many people come from Montreal. Although people communicate with each other via Twitter or LinkedIn, there is no common place to chat.

“I think if the community is known, people will join it,” he said.

Lucie Loubet expects this first event to be the start of a few more, the goal being to organize once a quarter.

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