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Tracking is the technology that now allows senders and recipients to track their shipments and deliveries in real time. track a package locally, or internationally, it is the assurance of knowing the details of a delivery from pick-up at the post office to the final customer. On the internet, many interfaces are evolving to effectively inform consumers. Here is a list of the ten best package tracking apps in 2022.


The site and the application are available in several languages, aimed at users around the world. Free tracking service is possible thanks to partnerships with hundreds of carriers, postal services, and e-commerce giants. So, if your package is shipped from Asia, Europe, USA, Canada, or elsewhere in the world, it is possible for you to use the identification number provided to the sender to track the package across borders, and to collect all information related to different stages of transmission.


A powerful and free parcel tracking platform, 17 tracks also gives consumers a way to monitor the progress of a parcel shipment. This service is available in 33 languages, and covers 220 countries and regions around the world. Similar to Ordertracker, it is possible to connect to receive notifications whenever the status of the package changes.

The post office

This service is more local, but it is also the most used by the French. Great, it combines Colissimo and Chronopost shipments, as well as standard letters with a tracking option. Simply enter the tracking number on the La Poste website or the one stated on the postman’s delivery notice (11 to 15 characters) to obtain information about the transit and deposit of the package in question.


Available in the AppStore and on Google Play, as well as on the website, this interface is easy to use, accessible in French. Regardless of the online store where you have made your purchase, you have the possibility to perform complete tracking of your parcel. The service works with merchants such as Joom, CDiscount, Vova, Amazon, AliExpress, Shein, Romwe …


Helpcolis uses the data of several hundred carriers to offer the user the possibility to track one or more parcels around the world. From the shipment number, the movements of packages can be found in real time thanks to information sent by global carriers, such as DPD, UPS Store, La Poste, DHL, Amazon Logistics, TNT … even crossing the border and changing hands, your parcel is constantly monitored.


Boxtal is an interface that combines several services into one, dedicated to shipping and delivering parcels. The site works as a comparison of parcel transportation services, offering multi-carrier tracking, as well as insurance service in the event of loss or theft. E-commerce modules are available for online sales professionals, and customer service is based in France, known for its reliability.


The pickup is largely a network of relay points and lockers for “hyper-proximity” delivery solutions. In partnership with merchants, it allows parcels to be dropped off at areas close to buyers, when they have not chosen the home delivery option. A subsidiary of La Poste, Pickup also allows a shipment to be tracked free of charge by indicating the carrier’s name and the parcel number on site.


With Aftership, 987 carrier data will be accessed through one interface, on the website. The user can enter up to 50 tracking numbers at a time to get information about their shipped or expected deliveries. This service is particularly interesting for merchants who monitor the smooth transit of their goods.


From your order confirmation email, or from the Your orders/Package tracking section, you can often track your package directly on the card. On the day of delivery, when the deliverer approaches your home, you can follow his journey on this same map. This follow-up will be accessible directly from your account. You can also subscribe to delivery alerts in the Amazon app.


At Upela, buyers can track letters, parcels and even entire pallets free of charge. By creating an account on the site, you also have access to price comparisons for parcel shipping, as well as transportation quotes. An offer is reserved for professionals, to provide them with a variety of useful tools for logistics, with integrated address book, mass shipment, TMS, returns and imports. Other solutions also make it possible to connect and centralize the orders of different e-commerce stores of the same merchant.

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