Asma Agro Invest uses Sowit startup solutions

Sowit, the start-up that specializes in precision agriculture, just signed a partnership with Asma Invest to deploy its services in favor of Asma Agro Invest farms, a subsidiary of Asma Invest. They are divided into eight agricultural areas producing olives, citrus fruits, pomegranate, figs, carob, cereals, legumes, vines, rosaceae and dates, all in an area of ​​1,200 ha.

Sowater and SoYield deployed at Asma invest farms

The first solution, “Sowater”, involves the management of water resources in various agricultural areas of Asma Agro Invest. This makes it possible to control irrigation using satellite probes along with capacitive probes.

“This review makes it possible to control daily, and parcel by parcel, the management of water resources in the optimal way, and to promote water conservation by adjusting contributions to empty needs. Therefore, Sowater provides water stocks based on accurate measurement of soil water content and crop needs, ”explains Soufiane Laaguig, agronomic manager at Asma Agro Invest.

Asma Agro Invest has accumulated up to 22% of its water resources in its operations in the Beni-Mellal, Errachidia and Taounate regions.

Today, water resource infrastructure systems are faced with challenges due to water stress. Therefore, farmers should adopt a new model, more agile and flexible, to wisely manage their water resources.

In Morocco, as elsewhere, the availability of water resources is declining. “Our goal is to ensure its care and sustainable use,” said Hamza Rkha Chaham, founder of Sowit.

The second solution, SoYield, is able to estimate crop yields “up to eight weeks before harvest, with a margin of error of less than 10%. 10%. This allows better coordination with sales teams to position the right tons in the markets, along with packaging units as well as optimizing the logistics of the harvesting area, ”he continued. Hamza Rkha Chaham.

This solution is based on automated learning methods-machine learning-that combine several variables that have the ability to influence yield, such as soil water content, temperature or irrigation.

Far from the effects of the announcement, Asma Invest has reaffirmed its ambition to support the ecosystem of start-ups. In addition to injecting funds, partnering with start-ups, whose services are fully tailored to its needs, will have its full meaning. “A company like Asma Agro Invest has long-term vision and great expertise. Not only does this partnership mark its commitment to supporting innovation, but it also validates our positioning and the scalability of our economic model. , ”said the entrepreneur, who aspires to be a leading player in terms of agriculture. accuracy.

Sowit, captures a booming market

“We have overhauled the entire agricultural experience to offer innovations that can be quickly deployed. This now allows us to offer integrated and innovative solutions for smart and sustainable agriculture, “said the businessman. The latter attacks links in the value chain of agricultural production, such as nitrogen fertilization, irrigation management, phytosanitary monitoring or yield estimation.

For example, Sowater’s customers include the Holmarcom Group (Domaine Mimona), Al Dahra and the Zalar Group. if not, So Give, the solution is predicts returns, covers more than 4,000 hectares for citrus cultivation alone, including more than 1,400 within the framework of cooperation with the Regional Directorates of Agriculture of the Rabat-Kénitra and Souss-Massa regions. “These two regions are also studying the possibility of using our solutions for implementing crop insurance for citrus growers”, said Hamza Rkha Chaham.

In fact, farms are increasingly using smart technologies to optimize their yields and reduce inputs such as water or fertilizer as much as possible.

However, even though the sector is experiencing significant growth, “Agritech technologies are still not widely used, so it is necessary to launch large-scale communication and awareness campaigns,” he recommends. The use of innovative solutions allows for better “control of the agricultural value chain and the resulting subsidies, as well as the reduction of the enormous costs associated with the irrational use of water resources, for example ”, he continued.

Present in four countries continents (Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and Kenya), Sowit now wants to export its services to Ethiopia, Côte d’Ivoire and the Middle East. “Precision agriculture has proven itself in the agronomic, economic, environmental and human domains. Agritech the whole is intact expansion. It’s undeniable ”, underlines Hamza Rkha Chaham, before concluding:“ We want to advance the agricultural sector to improve the yield of agriculture and the ecological transition of a continent considered the future of Agritech ”.

Sowit, agritech rising star in Africa

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