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When looking for business, companies use a variety of marketing tools to promote their products and services. This variety of methods allows them to build a client, and then retain it.

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However, to ensure that these goals are achieved, most companies opt for safe and effective search strategies such as text message marketing. In trend over the years, this technique has truly established itself in the world of marketing. Find out why!

SMS marketing: an easy and effective tool to improve your visibility

Very easy to set up a SMS marketing campaign, especially if the selected provider offers quality services. If you do not know which one to choose, by opting for sending SMS to the company Octopush, you will benefit from a complete solution that meets your different needs. To conduct a loyalty campaign via SMS, you first need to establish a list phone number in a file. You no longer have to worry about sorting numbers because landlines and duplicates are automatically discarded during import.

Next, we must proceed to the design of the messages. This step can be done quickly. In fact, after entering the mandatory cessation notice, you are entitled to 150 characters. You can personalize messages with the titles and names of the respective recipients. Once they are validated, the SMS is routed quickly according to the specified time slot.

Thanks to SMS marketing, it is possible to provide better brand visibility. In fact, it should be noted that more than 90% of commercial SMS are actually read by consumers. You will have more facilities to sell your products because SMS is a very incentive medium. As proof, approximately 60% of customers solicited via SMS actually come to buy in the store.

These customers will allow you to introduce yourself by sharing your advertising SMS with their loved ones. In doing so, they act as true ambassadors for the development of your brand. During your loyalty campaign, you will therefore reach new potential customers. Furthermore, by conducting advertising campaigns via SMS, it is already possibleincrease traffic to your site. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that more than 50% of French people have already visited a brand’s website after receiving an advertising SMS.

SMS: a very popular communication channel

The text message marketing consists of sending short mobile messages to a well -defined list of consumers. As its name suggests, this approach is based on the use of SMS messaging service whose availability is closely linked to the availability of a mobile phone. Despite the threat of developing new messaging applications, SMS remains a widely used channel.

For proof, various studies have been conducted that have made it possible to find out that in France, SMS reception is very well perceived. In fact, more than 50% of French people, whether they are customers of a brand, want to receive SMS advertising. After receiving these text messages, approximately 36% of them visited the brand’s website, 22% actually bought the product, and 38% thought these text messages were important.

Also, out of 10 mobile phone users, 7 are inclined to receive SMS advertising from a brand of which they are customers. As you understand, consumers are highly receptive to advertising campaigns conducted via SMS. This is why they no longer hesitate to ask their customers their phone number, because they know the alluring power of SMS.

SMS marketing: an affordable tool that meets different purposes

SMS marketing is a tool accessible to all advertisers, regardless of the method they use. So, whether it is self-employed, small and medium-sized companies or large companies, it is possible to conduct an advertising campaign via SMS. While it is true that provider prices depend on the quantity and quality of service, they remain very affordable.

However, it is recommended to choose one service provider which supports duplicate files. This makes it possible to optimize its budget while improving the brand image along with the targets. To improve the visibility of your brand, it’s important to know the latest marketing trends. By consulting 4h18.com, you will find out more. Also, SMS is a channel that fits many situations. Opportunities to use it abound. Thus, a brand can use SMS marketing to:

  • inform its customers of one or more new products;
  • make promotional announcements;
  • follow his commands;
  • and wish you a happy birthday.

These are different scenarios where SMS marketing is very beneficial. It therefore helps in generating the turnover of the company, but also allows the dissemination of simple information.

News information and promotional announcements

In commercial SMS, a brand can be first inform its customers the release of new products. With a short message, the company can also inform customers of the availability of a product.

The promotional discounts are effective marketing strategies. To optimize this efficiency, many companies use SMS marketing to inform their customers and their future customers of promotions as the holidays approach.

Order tracking

For keep customers, it is very important to take care of them. This is why it is advisable, for example, to ensure that the products they have ordered are received correctly. To do this, simply send them an SMS to ask if their orders have been received.

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