the rising reference to web and API development

With 50 projects successfully completed in less than a decade of existence, Lyon-based web agency GETINOV is gaining popularity. His specialty? Developing web apps and connected objects.

A common passion for web development

Customer service chatbot, CRM software, mobile app, business interface … You have probably already benefited from the expertise of the members GETINOV without knowing! The agency, which specializes in web application development and thetechnical architecturewas born in 2013 on the initiative of Marc Jacquier.

The 30-year-old did not venture into completely unknown territory for him: he took to his credit the creation of a first company at the age of 18, and a long professional experience in the fields of computer security, robotics and electronics. .

GETINOV now supports many start-ups, but also some basic accounts. Exclusively composed of avid experts, the team provides agency clients with varying levels of expertise, from simple API development May web architecture more complex, high load in the cloud or in the data center.

Good to know

GETINOV, based in Brignais southwest of Lyon, now has more than ten employees in various fields of expertise:

  • Developers;
  • DevOps;
  • Project managers;
  • Marketing and digital communications officers;
  • Responsible business …

The agency is experiencing continuous growth to meet the needs of its clients. It should have 20 employees before September 2022.

A wide range of missions and skills

Web and API development, mobile app, IoT …

One of the particularities of GETINOV is the diversity of missions and projects carried out in the field of web and API development:

  • Chatbot platform relying on the latest generation of artificial intelligence;
  • API for connected objects (IoT or Internet of Things) and dashboards;
  • Mobile apps for universities ;
  • Customer relationship management applications (CRM);
  • Application intranet ;
  • APIs and business interfaces ;
  • Web portals for training centers ;
  • Interfaces and embedded apps for connected items …

This versatility is based on mastery of many different languages ​​and frameworks, front and back office: Symfony development and PHP, Python, GoLang, C/C ++, Qt, Vue.js and Node.js, HTML and CSS …

Technical architecture and cloud computing

The web agency specializes specifically in industrialization and scaling web applications and mobiles for their client companies. Services offered include:

  • Process automationcontinuous integration and deployment mobile apps (CI/CD);
  • The design of cloud architecturesby Kubernetes or other leading solutions;
  • The development of application containers ;
  • The optimization of cloud hosting costs (FinOps);
  • Improving reliability application systems in terms of availability, performance, latency, efficiency and incident response capacity (SRE).

The missions conducted by GETINOV are not limited to pure creation. The agency is also involved project recoveryfor partial or total overhaul of code or of a technical architecture. Many apps or APIs can present difficulties following strong user company growth and a significant increase in load. In this case, GETINOV provides expertise scalable and customized solutionsmore adapted to new barriers to the company’s operations.

Web architecture consulting and training

The current expansion of GETINOV also requires a variety of its missions. Some Lyon start-up clients are now also calling its services for support and upgrade skills of their teams, usually for managing, deploying and maintaining a web or application architecture.

Good to know

After less than ten years of existence, the GETINOV team now has credit:

  • More than 50 projects have been successfully supported;
  • More than 100 GIT repositories;
  • The deployment of approximately twenty Kubernetes cloud clusters;
  • Operates over 4,000 CI/CD pipelines.

Customized support for all your web projects

GETINOV is primarily aimed at companies of all sizes wishing to build a web or mobile application, rehabilitate an existing application or even optimize their technical architecture and their IT costs. The success of the agency is based specifically on a personalized and individualized approach, for the design of a turnkey solutions :

  • stage of diagnosis and audit;
  • recommendation and proposal stage;
  • design and monitoring stages;
  • maintenance phase.

The continued development of new application architectures, specifically in the world of connected objects, should result in increasing value in GETINOV’s expertise in the eyes of its client companies.

Three important points to keep in mind:

  • GETINOV specializes in building web apps, APIs and connected objects (hardware, interfaces, embedded code, etc.).
  • The Lyon agency is growing and must double its workforce before the end of the year.
  • It offers custom solutions to developing, creating or rewriting code.

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