Roland Garros slammed France Télévisions president who expressed himself shocked at Amazon’s rise

Rafael Nadal after his victory over Serbian Novak Djokovic at the end of their match in the Roland-Garros tennis tournament on 1st 2022.

Roland Garros once again became a treIt’s a good deal, but it’s not pleasing to public service leaders. Delphine Ernotte, the prresident of France Télévisions, had put himself on a collareagain this week afteres the extraordinary spectacle offered by Nadal who beat number one Mundo Djokovic, quite late Tuesday night. This match was broadcast live on Amazon and not on France Télévisions, according to the choice of tournament management and in accordance with contracts signed long ago and cannot be ignored by Mrs. Ernotte.

This with anger exploded during a counciladministration, and of course, the administrative representatives of the Senate and ofNational Assembly, Ministerehowever, representatives of the budget and culture and staff somewhat surprised.

According to internal sources taken by Le Figaro, Me Ernotte expressed his dissatisfaction withagainst the French Tennis Federation. I was really surprisedwho favored an American player like Amazon at the expense of public service ”proving that France Télévisions had participated for many years in exposing and popularizing the contest ineof all the French … The Figaro added the clarification made by the president of France Télévisions: This eventement (cmeaning thecomeee dAmazon) has again raised the question of the privatization of the sport at the expense of those who do notcan’t afford it. “ He even asked the parliamentarians and the ministers in charge ” to protect free accesses at large eventsements. Especially at eventsefunded bypeople’s money. »

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VSis surprising that prresident of France Télévisions will arrive to such an extent. Should thethe future is very dark and fragile, thenes the government’s decision to remove the charge, shouldhe must summon the political and even ideological forces in the functioning of his group in the effort to claim victory.esda tournament like Roland-Garros?

He knows the contracts and especially thecomeee dAmazon in the pool of broadcasters, in particular “evening sessions”, inissue ofa call fromoffer in due course launched in 2019 (before Covid) and brings in 15 million to FFT. At the time, it didn’t scandalize anyone. Whathe did not know, cis it “evening session » planned would have such an impact, because until the day before, no one knew thatthere will be such a poster.

But the most troubling thing about this case isis that obviously, Mrs. does not know. Ernotte the modethe economy of Roland Garros when he insisted that the contest was funded by public service, because that did not correspond to reality. France Televisions achebroadcasting rights, but France Télévisions also benefited from the successesdaudience that this show earned him.

The modethe economy of Roland-Garros is relatively simple and transparent. VSis an eventeanimated sports and gformed by an organization including the tennis federation,is ownedether. Done side, players who get paid and get paid well. Of theothers, viewers (who are relatively expensive to buy their seats), sponsors (Renault, BNP, etc.) and TV rights.

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ApreIn two difficult years of pandemic, it is obvious that Roland Garros is back to good financial health.eD. And the federation is looking forward to this tournament, becauseit brings tennis to life in France by giving clubs funds to finance their operation. The shared margin exceeds 100 million per year.

Lyear 2022 therefore treHopefully because Covid hurt Roland Garros but it also hurt local federations that were forced to tighten their belts.

So it was necessary to take out loans (40 million PGE) and mainly to put everyone on a slimming diet by the time the renovation work was completed with a new stadium whose gauge was increased and covered the courses. .

But Des beginning of last weekere, the leaders of Roland Garros, along with Amélie Mauresmo, the new director of the tournament, knew that the page had turned: in the renovated stadium, the ticket office was full, the partners were there, the business world was back. its habits and time are at play (treimportant msummer).

The operating budget is therefore shown tres good and the most plausible estimates are as follows :

– The ticket office, 60 millioneuros, i.e. 600,000 spectators, including this year’s famous “evening sessions » vsthat is, the night battles that attract a lot of people and especially the companies taking advantage of it to do their public relations, dinner and lunch. What to pay pres of 60 millioneuros in addition, itthat is, it doubles the revenue from the ticket office.

– Television rights, approximately 100 million, mainly paid for by France Télévisions but must addcollar thingeagain, paid dutiesof Amazon premium for broadcast several evening sessions, which at first did not like public service, sor 15 millioneuros.

sponsors, 60 million including BNP Paribas paying 15 million over 40 yearsthis yearcomeed of Rolex, Lacoste and Renault to take over Peugeot.

– derivative products, cie the proceeds from the sale of RG Label purchased to label the most diverse product sold mainly in the aisles of Roland Garros, and something new, on the RG e-commerce site. Either clothes, balls, Ladurée pastries, and even this year’s electric scooters. Representing a small amount of 15 Million.

Total receipts from Roland Garros: over 300 millioneuros. Not to mention the rents or royalties paid by restaurants and brasseries. This 300 million should cover operating costs (endowments to players, organizations, amortization of loansinvestment, etc. etc.…) and leave a gross margin that should be approximately 100 million to the National Tennis Federation which redistributes this windfall to local federations and clubs.

If we get a little taller, we willaperunderstand that Roland Garros nis not a public service company, although it has public service delegation through participation in the operation of local federations.

We saperit is also understood that the contribution of France Télévisions, which is certainly significant, represents only a third of the budget, i.e., 100 million out of more than 300 million. 2/3 of Roland Garros is therefore supplied by the private sector. We are still far awaynationalized company and whether you like it or not, Roland Garros is obviously managed like a private company with global resonance and participates in trecertainly inattractiveness of the French.

The ftennis federation, as ministerere of the economy and the minister of sports, are impatiently waiting for this tournament, because cis the eventeFrench sporting event most watched in the world (700 milliontime watched in 220 countries.) It is therefore a wonderful showcase for tennis, but also for France’s ability to organize them. That we can doubt if we look at what happens in some football matches at the Stade de France.

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