François Harari (The Call of the People)

The economy of the district does not match the energetic and creative nature of its population.

This injustice is the result of land use planning that has failed for 40 years in France.

However, Comminges and Savès offer an impressive environment that can attract start-ups from the digital revolution, the agri-food industry, and various suppliers of the powerful Toulouse aeronautics industry.

If elected, my successful industry experience will help change course. Fortunately, we have an advantage in the quality of our local export agricultural production, especially our meats in Spain and Italy.

To preserve the future of this agriculture, it is a question of fully maintaining local quality but also of developing, at the national level, an increase in agricultural production that guarantees our food sovereignty.

Céline Laurenties-Barrère Together! Presidential Majority – Horizons

Our district benefits from many local businesses, often unknown to the general public and their knowledge and dynamics are beneficial to our territory. I salute the commitment of these entrepreneurs. We must continue to implement measures to encourage their establishment and development.

Is agriculture a major sector of activity in Comminges and Savès. And more in appearance

economically, it is a pillar of our heritage and our identity. I have a great admiration for our breeders and growers and I want to give them back the central place they deserve. Actually, it starts with guaranteeing them prices that respect their work. It also includes substantial investment in innovation and supporting value -creating projects. Finally, it means simplifying delivery and installation by professionals. A word on pastoralism, symbolic of our massifs: it must be preserved!

The EELV imbroglio

facing PS

EELV, LFI, Generation S candidate Annabelle Fauvernier ensures that Joël Aviragnet (PS) cannot be the official candidate of the New popular ecological and social union (Nupes). To determine his point, the candidate refers to the “official site / candidates”, where line 31-08 (8th district of Haute-Garonne) does not exist.

What PS is arguing about. “Joel Aviragent remains the only invested candidate” replied François Briançon, 1st federal secretary of the PS.

In the distribution of constituents, the New Popular Ecological and Social Union associated the 8th Haute-Garonne with the Socialist Party. It is up to him to decide who he will invest in as a candidate. So did Joël Aviragnet for Comminges and Savès.

“I don’t know who manages the site in question, and it doesn’t matter because what really matters is the logo affixed to the ballot papers and faith professions” argues the 1st Federal. Who adds mischievously: “If other candidates call to vote for Nupes, we are takers”.

Martine Guiraud

(Workers’ Struggle)

Like the health crisis and the ecological crisis, the economic crisis serves as a reason for new recessions for workers, and new gifts for large businesses with “whatever it takes.” For employees, these are wages swallowed up by inflation, unemployment and uncertainty, as at Vitesco ex-Continental, in Boussens where wage increases are far from compensating for rising prices. , while the group distributed 440 million euros to its shareholders. Many small farmers are subject to the law of large agrifood, distribution and banking groups stifling them. Because the real power is not in the National Assembly, but in the boards of directors of industrial and financial groups. Sheltered by industrial and commercial secrecy, capitalists do what they want. Workers must control the accounts of companies. Those who run the company must decide on its options and priorities.

Annabelle Fauvernier (EELV – LFI – Generation. S)

The ecological bifurcation we are bringing will create 1 million jobs in France: the renovation of buildings, the development of renewable energies, bio-construction, innovative projects. Comminges-Savès is extremely concerned. We need to insulate thermal colanders, install photovoltaic panels, renovate, we are behind schedule. For agriculture, we see the installation of 300,000 new farmers in France, in farmers and organic agriculture. This is also where our territory will benefit because we will ensure the quality of food sovereignty. Farmers will be accompanied by debt repayment and an eligible income when they convert to organic. Orient the CAP. Carrying the NUPES program with determination, we will restore the rights of workers who have been severely damaged in the past 5 years by Emmanuel Macron.

An economy in service to people and the planet, here and elsewhere.

Wilfried Serre

(Let’s fight!)

At Comminges and Savès, we are fortunate to have a diversity of environments that offer the possibility of different agriculture, cereals in the plains, gardening in the market near the Garonne, breeding and pastoralism in the mountains. Today, we have realized the importance of local consumption and of good quality without damaging the land. Both the State and the CAP should support these farmers who also maintain the ecosystem. It is therefore necessary to help young people settle, to better share surfaces, to guarantee production prices. Together with Jean Lassalle, we offer a farmer’s ticket in the same restaurant ticket model, a way of providing assistance to local and high-quality agriculture. But farmers should not be the only living force in the countryside. The State should allow small businesses such as industry to return to the countryside. Why are taxes and duties as high in Montréjeau as in Toulouse? MP, I will work hard to stimulate our campaigns.

Joel Aviragnet

(Socialist Party)

The economy has been improving in recent years in Comminges. Unemployment is falling and we are seeing companies taking over again. Projects coming in the coming years, such as the Montréjeau-Luchon hydrogen train line taken over and funded by the Region, will continue to make our territory more attractive for companies and therefore for employment. However, it is necessary to continue to support companies and associations so that they can thrive, so I am working hard, because I am mainly the elected representative of a territory and not the elected representative of a political camp. .especially. Regarding agriculture, the diversity of our constituency obliges me to continue to get to know the actors who give life to the territory. They need to be paid better. I would also like to mention agricultural pensions. Together with the Communists in the National Assembly, we obtained a revaluation of agricultural pensions. But the government has made communication by not applying the laws.

Legislative: the economy and agriculture entered the debate

yves riere


The Economy of Comminges is in lethargy, apart from Boussens and Fiber Excellence, the Industry is too based on subcontracting (very uncertain due to the global crisis). Of course, it is important to maintain the existing and develop it, especially by relying on our living forces that farmers, workers, traders, business leaders who represent Comminges almost 13% of assets . This support for Comminge’s economy and agriculture involves the implementation of Eric Zemmour’s national program. This requires a cooperative approach with SMEs, craftsmen and merchants. Same approach for agriculture regarding imports and rules in Europe, young farmers and land.

In economic matters, it is important not to forget our 1st employer in Comminges, the Saint-Gaudens/Luchon hospital (recruitment of staff, remuneration of caregivers). In a broader way, it will be necessary to recruit State-paid doctors and abolish ARS.

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