Commander. The Prix du Haras de Jardy in Saint-Cloud this Monday, June 6, 2022.-Angers Info

The Prix du Haras de Jardy in Saint-Cloud this Monday, June 6, 2022.

Directions to Saint Cloud this Monday, June 6, 2022 for Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix du Haras de Jardy will have to compete with each other as runners. The race will be contested over 2400 meters, and will be awarded € 50,000.

In this event, Trick of The Mind (1) found the course where it won its first quinté and the first on the team for that matter. The only difference is that he is under 3 kg penalty. To win, it will be very complicated but he can remain competitive for a place. A soft ground would be perfect, says Yoann Bonnefoy

Geny’s secrets

Rodolphe Collet: Max la Rogue (2) stayed well into the morning. Able to confirm his good disposition. Clearly the rains announced in the Paris region were a good thing for him

Markus Nigge: Masterpower (3) was the first to lose or almost recently. The speed of 2000 meters did not suit him that day. So I extended my distance from him. The speed of the sun was more in line with his abilities. In the morning the horse remained well. A soft ground will finally not do to hinder it.

Frederic Head: En Or (4) was punished with three kilos for his recent victory and he needs if he can stay competitive today. I think. He remained in good shape and he would not sulk the additional three hundred meters. On the other hand, the ground should not be too soft.

Stephane Gouyette: Saam (5) needs his first two career years to regain his level. He recovered well with his efforts. I think he’s rising and he’s back in good shape. In addition, it has fallen on the scale of values ​​and this quinté is not very high. There are several parameters that make it should run smoothly, especially since it fits all terrains.

Sylvain Dehez: Calaconta (6) has been making us happy lately. We supplement her to run here because the field is not exceptional for a fifth and the mare is really at her best. In short, opportunity makes the thief. He will discover Saint Cloud. But that didn’t worry me too much. I’m just hoping for a not too heavy track on Monday.

Ramon Avial-Lopez: Paper Trophy (7) showed that his appearance was well defeated only by a great horse recently. For its return to the fifth part, it must be withdrawn because of this amount, it is competitive for the first place. At ParisLongchamp, he didn’t like the drop and should have been better at Saint-Cloud. We move with logical ambitions.

Jerome Reynier: Champ de Mars (8) was competitive for victory in this amount and ran well in the Val d’Or. All lights are green to achieve a good performance.

Mikel Delzangles: J’Ailela (9) is a fairly regular filly. It ran very well in the fifth at the start of the season and its last career was very good. The terrain, which was likely to soften, should not bother him. He should run well.

Eric Libaud: Finally Full Flow (10) showed that his worries were just a bad memory. I opted for this entry mainly because the weather should turn rain (she is a mare on heavy ground) and also because this quinté is not very strong. That said, these events are never easy careers but I hope he confirms his return to form.

Romain LeGal: Combermere (11) made the first under my leadership. I have little insight about this. In the morning it gives me pleasure. So it’s tempting to see it again with disabilities, especially since it’s not a “big” fifth. A possibly difficult terrain would not work in his favor.

Julien Carayon: You Rock (12) is in good shape and has proven his competitiveness at this level of competition. Now, he is a horse that needs soft ground to deliver its best value. So I hope the storm forecasts come in handy. If so, he can put himself down.

Matthew Boutin: Bene Bene (13) hasn’t been famous lately. He probably didn’t get oxygen that day. I hope for a redemption here. The batch is however very homogeneous. As for the terrain, it pretty much fits any type of track.

Gael Barbedette: Valentino (14) approached this race with a lot of morale. It really stays with two successes; In his way, I expect a new good behavior on its part. We will generate using this unwanted string number. He will run for the first time under my leadership on a soft track on Monday. But that shouldn’t bother him. I hope to see him when Monday comes.

Yoann Bonnefoy: Art Of Fusion (15) is consistent and, when in top form (like today), can be competitive in batches like this. Moreover, it ran well last year at a quinté of higher levels. If the ground softens too much, it can only serve his interests.

Mikel Delzangles: Delayne (16) is a bit disappointing. However, for me it is in good shape. Before the shot, I saw him in the third event … He would try his luck. On the other hand, if the ground becomes too soft, he doesn’t like it.

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