Toopi Organics can finally sell organic urine -based fertilizer

Topi Organics has invented a breakthrough stimulant. The principle is simple: decontaminate urine and enrich it with micro-organisms to give farmers a more effective natural alternative …

Topi Organics has invented a breakthrough stimulant. The principle is simple: decontaminate urine and enrich it with micro-organisms to provide farmers with natural alternatives that are more effective than chemical fertilizers.

The Reol -based company is putting the right boxes in place to become a major player in the green economy in France: recovering large products that overload wastewater treatment plants, reducing the carbon footprint and making fertilizers to an unparalleled that price. When ecology responds to economics. “Our products reduce the use of mineral fertilizers by 20%. And they are also four times cheaper ”, said founder and president Michaël Roes.

When will the green light be given to France?

Over the past three years, Toopi has won almost every innovation competition. Institutional support (local authorities, Regions, Ademe, French Tech, etc.) and the first two fundraisers (almost 5 million euros in total) made it possible to build a solid foundation. In the world of economics, a good idea can only grow on the promise of commercial opportunities. “It is official now. We have obtained permission to sell our products in Belgium “, announced Michaël Roes. In Belgium, but also in Greece, Spain, Italy and Germany.

We should not be surprised to see thriving companies leaving France under these conditions.

How is France? ANSES (National Food Safety Agency) is still not giving the green light. “Delays in France are longer. But the permits obtained in other European countries give us hope “, positively the general manager, Alexandra Carpentier. Expected release in 2022.

Regional Council President Alain Rousset denounced this ankylosis when cutting the ribbon of the inauguration: “ANSES approval procedures are no longer adapted to climate emergencies. We should not be surprised to see these progress. company leaving France under these conditions.The Region has released several grants since 2019 (more than 250,000 euros) to support the human urine processor.

Toopi Organics uses 5,000 liter tanks, such as those used in cellars, for the preparation of natural fertilizers.

Laurent Theillet/”South West”

The urine of the Futuroscope and the Olympics

These marketing difficulties in France do not bother Topi. “So far, ANSES confirms that our natural products have no risk to the environment”, positive Michaël Roes. The start of marketing is scheduled for early 2023. “We’ve already pre-marketed three years of production,” the manager said. Discussions with major agricultural cooperatives in the country are already fruitful. “We feel that the players in the world of agriculture are impatiently waiting for this organic solution. The African governments have even knocked on our door.»

The goal is to build these units near urine collection areas to limit road transportation.

Toopi does not want to skip steps and will only attack the European and world market in the second stage. If the development plan is strictly followed, approximately twenty production units will be developed throughout France over the next two years. “The aim is to build these units near urine collection areas to limit road transportation.»

Urine stabilizes in storage tanks.

Urine stabilizes in storage tanks.

Laurent Theillet/”South West”

Urine is easier to find than oil. Topi signed several partnerships to recover its raw material. For the experimental phase: the school and the town hall of La Réole, the festivals of the South-West, the Futuroscope. There will be no shortage of resources for the future: “We are in talks with Vinci Autoroutes to recover urine from 400 places”, the Topi president announced.

200 recruitment on the horizon

The public and the athletes of the 2024 Paris Olympics will also contribute to the manufacture of biostimulants. A discussion was held in the town hall of Paris for the effluents of public toilets. Accuracy: urine is filtered and purified before moving on to the fermentation stage.

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