Hoope is raising half a million euros to offer its spirulina products throughout France

This is her first fundraiser! Hoope, the Toulouse-based brand specializing in spirulina-based healthy food, has just completed a 500,000 euro funding round with Capitole Angels and Provence Angels, Ocseed, BPOC Next Innov, BPI and IES. This amount is intended to support the growth of the Toulouse company, Food Preservation, founded in 2018.

“The fundraising project started before Covid-19, which reversed everything with a small cessation of activity. We started to grow again. It took a while, but ended up being successful,” rejoices Christophe Sovran. , co-founder of Sustain Food inorigin of Hoope.

This increase in capital will primarily allow the company to strengthen its selling force. The aim is to cover the four corners of the French territory and have sales representatives in all regions to ensure optimal follow-up and development in stores.

The young brand has representatives in the regions: Ile-de-France, Rhône-Alpes, South, South-West and North-West. Recruitment of several field sales representatives is underway, specifically in the Paca region.

“We have recruited three. Now, we have ten on the team, half of them are field sales representatives. By the end of the year, they are seven or eight. In total, we will be 12 or 13 between Toulouse and the other regions ”, defined the young businessman.

Food: Hoope wants to attract France with its spirulina products

From 500 to 1,500 points of sale a year

Second, this round table will be used to deploy powerful commercial and communication tools. The goal is to increase Hoope’s popularity and boost product sales in mass-market stores where it sells its various references.

The young company showed disrespectful growth at the beginning of the year. In just the first quarter of 2022, it achieved higher turnover than it posted for the entire fiscal year of 2021. As a reminder, for the first year of its activity, the fiscal year which closed in September 2019, the company claims 70,000 euros in turnover.

This growth is explained by the signing of its first national distribution agreements with the Intermarché and Carrefour brands, thus increasing its presence in stores. Between 2021 and 2022, Hoope grew from a distribution network of 500 to over 1,500 points of sale throughout France. Apart from these two retail giants, Hoope spirulina -based ranges are also present in the organic section of hypermarkets, at the regional level, such as Leclerc or Auchan.

“We’re in talks with other brands that will be distributed across the country. Our The variety of products with high added value is attractive to consumers and go in the direction that brands are looking for, ie: organic, made in France, no palm oil, no additives, 100% natural and vegetables, Nutri -A -score, etc. “

The very purpose of the small brand is to be referenced at the national level throughout the network of supermarket chains of France.

“We are just starting with a new distribution channel that has somewhat surprised us but is thriving well, the hotels in Toulouse. They are in high demand for quality, healthy, natural and local products like ours to i -renew their breakfast buffet. -lunch, “he said.

Hoope and its gourmet spirulina products are attracting more and more people to France

Be a reference

The development of new products is also part of Hoope’s development plan. The brand offers crispy mueslis, spreads and biscuits, 100% natural and made in France and naturally rich in nutrients thanks to spirulina. This low-calorie seaweed contains large amounts of protein, antioxidant and gamma-linolenic acid. What started the adventure four years ago with a single product currently has approximately fifteen references available in the organic section of hypermarket partners.

“We released a new range of four products a few weeks ago with three biscuits for snacks based on chocolate, sesame and hazelnut fig as well as a new crispy muesli with no added sugar”, the engineer explains in agrifood training.

Far from being satisfied, the company is already working on new recipes. In 2023, one to two additional sets should be offered to spirulina fans.

Hosted within the Market of National Interest of Toulouse (Min), Hoope aims that be the benchmark for gourmet nutrition in the organic universe in mass distribution.

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