Telefónica chooses the cloud-native IMS core, from Mavenir

Mavenir’s fixed and mobile cloud-native IMS solution covers three major Latin American countries for Telefónica

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina and MEXICO CITY, June 02, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Mavenir, the networking software provider, which is designing the future of networks with cloud software that runs on any cloud and is changing the way the world connects, today confirms that it has been selected by Telefónica Hispam (Hispanoamérica) to provide a cloud-native IMS core for fixed and mobile networks in Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

As mobile networks continue to evolve, and to manage growing data and device needs, Mavenir’s cloud-native IMS platform provides the technology foundation for 5G networks. The move to an automated, cloud-native IMS will allow Telefónica Hispam to measure all of its fixed and mobile voice services and modernize its operations. The solution will be deployed on TCloud, Telefónica’s private telecommunications cloud infrastructure.

Mavenir’s IMS solution is specifically developed for fully automated cloud environments, enabling Telefónica to operate with web-scale agility, ensuring that 5G transformation uses existing 4G networks, through of using a microservices-based architecture. Zero-touch continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) deployment, as well as containerized environments, enhance productivity and leverage existing network investments using the cloud-native, 5G compatible IMS kernel platform.

Alejandro Ghianni, Director of Planning and Engineering, Telefónica Hispam, said, “At Telefónica, we appreciate the fact that the core functions of the network have been modernized to support the evolution of the network; and virtualized architectures will require software that supports both VoLTE and 5G voice. We are pleased to begin this adventure of transforming our network, with Mavenir. »

Javier Gavilan, CTO at Mavenir, Caribbean and Latin America, said, “Only a cloud-native network transformed into a fully web-deployed platform can meet the demands of successful 5G innovation. The cloud can be deployed. Mavenir’s -native IMS core across the cloud, eliminating the need for legacy hardware platforms.This mobile-centric architecture is deployed in a host of large multi-vendor environments, including O2 Telefónica in Germany, and Virgin Mobile O2 in the UK. We are glad to have won this important project from Telefónica Hispam. »

“Mavenir is the global leader in cloud-native mobile networking software applications, supporting more than 3 billion subscribers worldwide. Mavenir’s modern, software-based approach transforms mobile communications networks to operate in a fully virtualized environment, where devices, applications and services run on an automated network using open spaces, containers, and artificial intelligence, ”Mr. Gavilan concluded.

About Mavenir

Mavenir is shaping the future of networking and positioning itself at the forefront of advanced technology, focusing on the vision of a single, software-based, automated network capable of running in any cloud. As the single fully cloud-native networking software provider, Mavenir is committed to changing the way the world connects, accelerating software networking transformation for more than 250 communications service providers, covering more than 120 countries, serving to more than 50% of subscribers worldwide.

About Telefónica Hispam:

Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications service providers in Spanish -speaking America. The company operates under the Movistar brand and offers fixed (via FTTH solutions) and mobile (via 4G network) broadband connectivity services, as well as a wide range of range of digital services to more than 109 million individual customers and professionals in the region. Telefónica Hispam offers its services in the following countries: Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina.

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