Strengthening Green Energy Development: CHINT Exhibition in Hannover Offers a Global Solution

SHANGHAI-(BUSINESS WIRE)-A flagship event dedicated to industrial technologies, the Hannover Fair (Germany) will be held from May 30 to June 2. CHINT, the global leader in smart energy solutions, is showcasing of ten products and solutions, covering new energy green connected transformers, and connected buildings, at the Energy Solutions Pavilion (H11.C30).

Focused on new energy and across the sector chain, CHINT shared its expertise and exploration in the field of green energy, connected networks, load reduction and new energy storage. “CHINT stands for green development and leads in reducing carbon emissions in the electricity and energy industry. After all these years, CHINT receives the trust of a large number of customers from the front and back in a wide range of user scenarios to quickly identify changes and new requests from markets and customers, ”said Lily Zhang, CEO of CHINT Electrics.

In 2021, energy storage project orders were successfully delivered from CHINT and BYD, and these two partners joined forces to address the new UK energy market. During the year, CHINT’s connected meter project in Saudi Arabia delivered more than 500,000 smart circuit breakers to local areas. CHINT Cambodia has developed off-grid photovoltaic systems, providing electricity to local areas using thousands of off-grid photovoltaic installations.

CHINT’s solutions are for energy transformation to help achieve global climate goals. During the expo, CHINT offered eight face-to-face and virtual events to showcase its latest products. The CHINT European Team showcased PV solutions to give visitors the opportunity to experience CHINT’s new energy solutions and PV applications in land, industrial, commercial and large -scale residential. This presentation demonstrates the interest aroused by the “photovoltaic +” model. CHINT also showcased cost-effective, low-carbon, cohesive and efficient CHINT Smart City solutions. Meanwhile, CHINT’s connected terminal has molded case circuit breakers, Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD), and several new products have become the centerpiece, illustrating the company’s strengths in smart manufacturing.

Lily Zhang: “At a trade fair at the Hannover level, customers from more than 140 countries and regions joined CHINT to talk and exchange. The collaboration formed between CHINT and its international partners was promises unlimited potential and builds on CHINT’s global solution to accelerate green energy development. ”


CHINT Global is committed to being the global leader in smart energy solutions for the entire industrial chain. After more than two decades of global expansion, our sales and marketing network covers more than 140 countries and regions, covering a wide range of industries, such as low voltage electricity, smart electricity, energy instruments and meters, l green energy, etc..

As localization continues to evolve, through business integration and industry upgrades, CHINT Global will continue to open up the supply chain, optimize the service system, and establish a green mechanism to provide integrated integrated technology services. innovative for the global energy market.

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