Secure Code Warrior and Okta work together to create a new solution that secures developer workflows

The Secure Code Warrior Connector for Okta Workflows enables a consistent approach to securing coding, so developers follow the requirements before creating code

SYDNEY, June 02, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Secure Code Warrior, the global leader in developer-focused security, today announced the launch of an exciting addition to Okta’s network integration. Leading independent identity vendor Okta and Secure Code Warrior have teamed up to create a new Secure Code Warrior (SCW) Connector for the Okta Workflows solution, which allows organizations and developers to write secure code from scratch of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

By prioritizing security, organizations can develop an identity workflow that protects designs early in their lifecycle, giving them the flexibility to provide access to the GitHub registry to only developers who have enough security skills. It helps organizations promote a safety-first culture, while the SCW learning platform empowers developers to meet these standards and requirements. Organizations have implemented this solution across all of their application, security, and engineering teams to gain additional security assurance.

Preventing the validation of insecure code and ensuring better access control during software development is still an important requirement in all sectors. Developers also recognize the importance of delivering secure software applications, but are still faced with conflicting priorities. According to a recently released SCW study, “The State of Developer-Driven Security Survey, 2022”, 67% of developers intentionally leave vulnerabilities and exploits in their code, citing lack of time and a consistent approach. as the top two barriers to using secure coding skills.

“This new solution will help organizations reduce the risk of developer validation of insecure code by ensuring that employees are constantly aware of the latest vulnerabilities and secure coding techniques. of partnering with Okta on a security-level verification system, application security managers will trust that the team verifies secure code without disrupting the developer’s workflow.Managers can now focus in their extensive strategic efforts to improve the organization’s security posture without wasting time or quality, ”said Pieter Danhieux, co-founder and CEO of Secure Code Warrior.

“Okta Workflows offers a no-code/low-code approach to automating scale identification-driven processes. Having adopted the “Workflows Connector Builder” system, we are pleased to benefit from the new Secure Code Warrior connector to Okta’s integration network, which goes beyond single sign-on (SSO) and takes support for advanced onboarding flows . Developers will be confident that their knowledge of secure code is up -to -date and relevant to the code they are validating, ”said David Shackelford, Senior Director of Okta.

The Secure Code Warrior Connector for Okta Workflows uses key elements of both companies ’technology platforms to benefit both organizations and developers:

  • Pre-configured actions allow developer teams to quickly establish desired workflows in a code-free/low-code environment without the tedious complexity of API calls.

  • When the workflow is ready, it will run automatically and its frequency can be customized.

  • The Secure Code Warrior learning platform offers insights into developer score analysis and course tracking status, allowing teams to know their security skill levels while coding.

  • Organizations have the flexibility to allow access to the GitHub registry only to developers with adequate security skills

Building and automating secure developer workflows is now easier with this industry’s new solution from Secure Code Warrior and Okta. The “Secure Code Warrior Connector for Okta Workflows” is available at

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