Samsung Electronics partners with NAVER Cloud to launch Korea’s first private 5G network – Samsung Global Newsroom – Reuters

Powered by Samsung’s private 5G solutions, the new NAVER headquarters will feature cloud-based autonomous mobile robots this month.

Samsung Electronics and NAVER Cloud announced today that the companies have partnered to enable South Korea’s first private 5G network. Deployed at the new NAVER Second Headquarters, “1784”,1 Samsung’s network solution will support NAVER’s 5G private commercial service to power cloud-based autonomous mobile robots this month first case of use in the world created to provide convenient services to employees throughout the building.

NAVER Cloud powers the global IT infrastructure and enterprise solution services for NAVER and its subsidiaries while providing its public cloud services, NAVER Cloud Platform, to a wide range of businesses and organizations in a variety of industries.

Samsung Electronics and NAVER Cloud signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in March 2022 for a partnership with a private 5G network. Companies will continue to work together to develop new business models and use cases to expand private 5G networks around the world, helping to support the construction of secure and dedicated networks for businesses using network solutions. Samsung’s private 5G and NAVER cloud technology.

“NAVER’s new headquarters serves as a test bed for exploring future technologies, where the 5G network and cloud play a key role,” said Sangyoung Han, Executive Director of NAVER Cloud Strategy and Planning at NAVER Cloud . “Together with Samsung, we will continue to develop new business models of private 5G networks and work together to help more businesses achieve digital transformation through cloud technology.”

The private 5G network enables cloud-based autonomous mobile robots

NAVER’s autonomous mobile robot services use both NAVER and Samsung technology to introduce a private 5G use case, bringing immediate benefits to the building. Serving as assistants for employees, the robots provide convenience services such as delivering packages, coffee and lunch boxes to employees throughout the building. There are 40 robots moving on three floors within the 1784 headquarters, with plans to expand to hundreds of robots traveling throughout the 36-story building this year.

The cloud acts as a shared brain for the robot, named “Rookie”, rather than an integrated chipset. Samsung’s private 5G network plays the role of a neural network that connects robots and the cloud, allowing the cloud to control and support thousands of robots in real time and allowing them to be smarter together. Additionally, advanced technologies such as digital twin, 3D/HD mapping and AI are applied to help robots learn to navigate inside the building by creating a virtual space that mimics the real world.

5G private network solutions

Private 5G solutions are needed to support companies like NAVER that need secure and reliable communications for data-intensive mobile applications. Commercial private 5G solutions that power the NAVER application include Samsung’s Compact Core and 5G radios that support the 4.7 GHz and 28 GHz spectrum, dedicated to Korea’s private 5G network. Samsung’s private 5G radios include an optimized uplink allocation function, with an allocation rate of up to 40%. This latest feature, which nearly doubles the download capabilities of current commercial 5G radios, is designed to help businesses download large amounts of data to multiple people and machines simultaneously, required in many private networks. Additionally, the new radios help businesses make the most of these frequencies by using New Radio-Dual Connectivity (NR-DC) technology, which allows devices or end users to connect to midrange and mmWave frequency simultaneously.

“Our partnership with NAVER highlights how we can creatively drive business change by integrating technology into the future. We are excited to work with NAVER to successfully implement our vision of 5G private solutions in network, ”said Yong Chang, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Business Networks at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung will continue to work with public institutions and businesses to deliver diverse use cases for transportation systems, hospitals, schools, SOC facilities and more.”

Samsung Networks Business has embarked on the successful delivery of end-to-end 5G solutions including chipsets, radios and cores. Through continuous research and development, Samsung is pushing the industry to advance 5G networks with its market-leading product portfolio, from fully virtualized RAN and Core to private network solutions and AI -powered automation tools. The company currently provides network solutions to mobile operators providing connectivity to hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

1 With a total area of ​​165,000 square meters, the 1784 Korea-based headquarters can accommodate more than 5,000 people.

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