Naboo raises 2 million euros

By Philippe Guerrier | The | Workspace

Former start-up Wome, now Naboo, secured its first financing to promote job stays in productivity-boosting residences. Update with Maxime Eduardo, CEO and co-founder.

Naboo founding team: Lucien Bredin, Jean -Louis Villeminot, Maxime Eduardo and Antoine Servant – © DR

Although it means promoting teamwork, you can also arrange it in pleasant environments such as villas.

The former start-up Woman became Naboo (with a nod to a fictional planet in the Star Wars saga) made a fundraiser of 2 million euros to offer a system for booking favorite places to facilitate the organization of project team meetings with the blessing of HRD or the Office Manager.

Seed funding closed in April 2022 with the support of:

  • CapHorn (Anaxago group),
  • Future of MAIF,
  • approximately ten business angels including Stéphane Guinet (Kamet Ventures), Stéphane Treppoz (ex-Sarenza), Alexandre Fretti (Malt) and Anne-Catherine Péchinot (ex-General Manager of Gîtes de France).

“We will focus on:

  • recruiting salespeople and developers from a workforce of 12 to 20 people,
  • improving the technology of our platform,
  • the enrichment of our database of places to stay »said Maxime Eduardo, CEO and co-founder of the start-up.

Currently, Naboo offers access to a database of 150 selected locations that could grow to 800 by the end of 2022.

The paradox: how to give more freedom to employees and protect the collective?

Founded in October 2021 by a quartet of entrepreneurs over 30 years old, Naboo operates a venue reservation platform adapted to availability and selected criteria.

This is not an Airbnb version for co-working but a dedicated service for arranging stays of three to four days for a project team in an atypical setting. And this, to encourage brainstorming and collective work.

For the selection of sites in the Naboo database, the premises must have a capacity of 3 to 15 people, the equipment and furniture necessary to operate in serene conditions: quality wireless Internet connection (Wi- Fi, 4G), adapted professional spaces, tables in the rooms to isolate yourself …

The idea is to move away from urban areas to find unique and exciting environments that are consistent with professional goals. Often the villas are in the middle of nature anywhere in France and completely privatized for team stays.

“Companies are faced with a paradox: how to provide more freedom and flexibility to employees, while maintaining the collective and corporate culture? Naboo provides a solution in this direction by allowing teams to meet where they want and when they feel the need. The forced return of employees to the office is quite the opposite of the trend “says Maxime Eduardo, encouraging us to be “More productive and more creative in the green”.

A mini-social network for organizing and planning stays

In companies, who manages the budget for this flexible service for mobile and collaborative work? The HRD or Office Manager controls the budget allocated to the operation of the Naboo platform and manages movements and access rights through the “HR cockpit”.

It is up to him to control the reservations or leave the hand to the co -workers involved in the organization of the meeting to be disposed of at the residences of their choice. Systems of physical smart cards and digital wallets have been set up for this purpose.

“We have developed technology in the form of a mini-social network that allows:

  • to manage all aspects of the reservation,
  • synchronize those available to relevant employees,
  • to arrange stay with related services such as delivery of meals or shopping at the given site, booking taxis for travel to or from stations or yoga or fitness classes on site »said Maxime Eduardo.

Naboo’s business model is based on two remuneration axes:

  • a license at a fixed price per employee and per month (3 euros) to access the platform,
  • the collection of transaction fees conducted through the platform: 15% including tax, i.e., 13% excluding tax, divided by 11% charged to the traveler and 2% to the villa owner.

Surprisingly, a major player like Airbnb has not set up a dedicated offer for renting accommodation for professional purposes, even though corporate clients have rushed to it by skewing the system. of booking.

In the United States, start-ups such as TeamOut or Outsite are also exploring this nomadic labor market, in tandem with Naboo’s launch in France.

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