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RC Toulonnais contributes to the attractiveness of Toulon

Rugby Club Toulonnais (RCT) is the city’s image in the world of sports and beyond. This club, the world champion in 2015, is one of the factors in the attractiveness of the city.

“The RCT creates jobs by bringing in tourists, we organize visits to the Mayol stadium and to the Campus. The club is involved in the attractiveness of Toulon”, explains Bernard Lemaître, President of RC Toulonnais.

The club boss is looking to grow the brand. For this, he hired François Pesanti, former director of RMC Sport.

“He is in charge of finding new resources. With him, we have come up with a development plan for our resources nationwide and internationally”.

RCT is also a social actor. He created a CSR program.

“We have actions in many places with young people from neighborhoods and unmarried women”, Bernard Lemaitre explains.

In the 120 Minutes Business program

This afternoon, from Toulon, Guillaume Paul and Lorraine Goumot received:

  • Stephane ClairCircuit Director Paul Ricard at Le Castellet
  • Lawrence MoserDirector of the Toulon site of the Naval Group, Director of the Mediterranean Division 
  • Charles BerlingDirector of Liberty Theater 
  • Francois de CansonPresident of the Regional Tourism Committee
  • Basil GertisPresident of the CCI Var
  • Bernard LemaitrePresident of RC Toulon

Charles de Gaulle, a floating city in the port of Toulon

Captain Sébastien Martinot, Commanding Officer of Charles de Gaulle, received BFM Business on French Navy aircraft. It is equipped with a runway for landing and take-off of naval fighter planes.

“It’s a floating airport the size of three football fields. The landing is not a soft landing, quite the opposite. In addition, the pilot is looking for a very precise spot on a runway as wide as tennis. court “, explained captain Sébastien Martinot.

But the aircraft carrier is also a floating city with up to 1900 people at sea among the crew, the entire carrier battle group made up of other vessels such as frigates and submarines.

The ship is currently on a maintenance break in the port of Toulon before returning to sea in September for tests and training of the new crew.

“Sailors change unit, no matter the profession, regularly. We are leaving for a training area in the Mediterranean, outside Corsica. Then, we are at the command of the Chief of Defense Staff to meet the needs. operations. “, reveals commander Charles de Gaulle.

Photonics, an efficiency sector with 18 billion euros in turnover

Fiber optics, autonomous vehicles … The photonics sector generates 18 billion euros in turnover. In Toulon, the Optitec center is dedicated to these technologies.

“We’re very good on the sensor side,” said Marc Ricci, managing director of the Optitec division.

In Toulon, the French Navy unified civil and military talents

In Toulon, the Navy is a real economic powerhouse. But the military does not remain closed to themselves. They are working more and more with civilian companies to create available innovations for the army.

“The creation of the Defense Innovation Agency (AID) in 2018 is a real change of the Ministry of the Armed Forces. It creates a new approach to change, open change. It means listening to what is being done in other circles. rather than the military ”, explained Jérôme Perrin, spokesman for the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA).

The Navy is linked to the region’s industrialists through the Toulon economic development agency or the competitiveness clusters. The goal is to explore civilian projects that Defense might be interested in.

“In this context, we launched Gimnote, an innovation cluster to federate the Navy, the DGA and the entire textile industry. 144 projects have already been received”, indicates Jérôme Perrin.

In AID, the DGA wants to support innovation projects and award subsidies or contracts to companies proposing project commitments for national defense.

Eurobiomed: an alliance to form a “French health team”

Eurobiomed, a health competitiveness cluster for the Paca and Occitanie regions, has joined forces with three other French clusters to create a “French health team”.

This sector “brings together more than 1,200 companies today”, said Emmanuel Le Bouder, Deputy Director of Innovation of Eurobiomed.

The goal is to “raise the voice of these companies on regulatory topics, to facilitate clinical access, to find funding levers”, he explains.

French Tech Toulon South Region: a structured ecosystem

French Tech Toulon Région Sud has 120 member companies and 850 jobs.

“There is a real excitement” for French Tech in Toulon because it is an “attractive” city and “very dynamic on the digital side”, assured Jean Larroumets, President of French Tech Toulon South Region.

It specializes in the maritime sector but also in defense and cybersecurity.

La Var, 1st tourist department of France … after Paris

Var was the first tourist department in France after Paris. It receives 3.5 million tourists per year. This summer, that number could be even higher.

“The French are there, but there are already many foreigners, Europeans. In April, we saw an increase in attendance of more than 14% compared to 2019”, suggests Guillaume Decard, President of Var Tourism.

In the department, this sector represents 28,000 direct jobs. As anywhere, these professions are difficult to recruit.

“We are lacking. Some establishments are choosing to close at certain times due to lack of staff. We are launching an awareness campaign to attract young people, experts and technicians”, announced Guillaume Decard.

Bandol, an extraordinary appeal

AOC Bandol brings together 65 estates and châteaux, united into three cooperatives: 55,000 hectoliters are produced per year. And not just rosé: Bandol comes in three colors.

Good Morning Business, the program

Thursday, June 2, Sandra Gandoin at Christophe Jakubyszyn will receive from Toulon:

  • 6:15 am – Nicolas Boraccinofounder of Bentix,
  • 6:45 am – Jean LarroumetsPresident of French Tech Toulon South Region
  • at Xavier LafaurePresident of XL360
  • 7:10 am – Guillaume DecardPresident of Var Tourisme
  • at Bruno WednesdayChairman of Chrysadev
  • 7:20 am – Emmanuel Le BouderDeputy Director Innovation of Eurobiomed
  • at Marc RicciManaging Director of the Optitec division
  • 7:35 am – Yves ArnalPresident of the Boatmen of the Côte d’Azur
  • 7:45 am – Jerome PerrinSpokesman for the Directorate General of the Armed Forces (DGA)
  • 8:15 am – Hubert FalcoMayor of Toulon and President of Toulon Provence Méditerranée Metropolis
  • 8:35 am – Captain Sebastian Martinot, Commander of aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle

BFM Business is in Toulon!

After Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Nantes and Nice, BFM Business is packing its bags in Toulon for a special day. In the program: business leaders and economic players from the region will approach the microphone of BFM Business to animate, understand and evaluate the strengths of Toulon and its ecosystem.

Good Morning Business and 60 Minutes Business, which becomes 120 Minutes Business for the occasion, are in Var this Thursday, June 2 for that day.

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