Eaton Designs 48-Volt Aftertreatment Heater Controller to Help OEMs Meet Emission Requirements

GALESBURG, Michigan, June 02, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Energy management company Eaton today announced that its eMobility division has launched a 48-volt programmable electronic power control unit for electrically heated catalysts that can be operated by commercial vehicle manufacturers to meet increasingly stringent global emissions regulations. Heating the exhaust after-treatment catalyst, and maintaining its temperature during low engine load operation, is essential to ensure optimum performance and reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions. nitrogen (NOx).

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Eaton’s 48-volt programmable power electronics control unit for electrically heated catalysts can be used by commercial vehicle manufacturers to meet global emissions regulations. (Photo: BusinessWire)

“Commercial vehicle manufacturers are faced with new challenges in producing and controlling this power level for a vehicle accessory,” said Tom Stoltz, chief 48-volt systems engineer in the division. Eaton eMobility. “Our control unit allows them to overcome these challenges and benefit from electrical integration to meet future regulations for ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions. »

The air-cooled electric catalyst heater controller is part of Eaton’s broader line of 48-volt electrical systems, which includes several technologies that allow automakers to incorporate 48-volt architectures into next-generation vehicle. Eaton’s range of electrically heated electronic power controllers is intended for solutions that offer power between 2 Kw and 15 kW, and its maximum efficiency is 99%. The controller is designed to receive power commands from the aftertreatment system, and provide soft start and soft shutdown capabilities to maintain system voltage control, as well as diagnostic feedback from the heating element.

“The aftertreatment catalyst heater controller contains all the power electronics needed to properly power the heater and ensure the stability of the vehicle’s electrical system during warm-up,” Stoltz said.

The technology came at a time when car manufacturers were faced with stricter emissions standards around the world. In Europe, the next emission standard, called Euro VII, for heavy diesel -powered vehicles, is expected to be launched in early 2026. In the United States, the California Air Resources Board and the Environmental Protection Agency of The United States plans to introduce stricter regulations for 2024 and 2027. Together, these new standards aim to achieve a reduction in NOx emission limits of up to 90%, hence the need for more and more compelling for global machine manufacturers to use additional emission reduction techniques, such as electric catalyst heating.

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