Business France announced 12 selected startups

Money20/20 Europe continue its quarters in Amsterdam (Netherlands) from June 7 to 9, 2022. Despite the decrease in the number of exhibitors and visitors in 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the FinTech high mass is having a big comeback. The fair, to be attended Madness, has maintained its raison d’être: to allow financial and payment players to meet, to establish partnerships and commercial relationships. While the health crisis seems to have subsided, the 2022 edition expects more than 5,000 visitors and more than 800 companies. Among them, 12 young French shoots supported by Business France. Purpose: to promote their internationalization.

The list of startups in the delegation:


Algoan aims to transform the credit industry in Europe through the power of Open Banking. Algoan innovates at all stages of the credit chain (borrower onboarding, credit risk management), relying on innovative technological bricks developed by a team of developers, UX and data scientists.


Basikon publishes SaaS software designed by funding experts using state -of -the -art technologies. The platform was born from observing the difficulty of digitizing traditional credit management and lending solutions. And for good reason, the software market was developed more than 10 years ago, in a world without smartphones. Also, to benefit from a fully digital solution, three founders Thomas Nokin, Nicolas Ullmo and Stéphane Vettori, devised a platform that offers companies to digitally manage all of their financial operations.


cashlab will develop a SaaS platform that automates its cash flow forecasting. In summary, it provides access to real-time, multi-bank cash reporting, short-term cash forecasts, detailed analysis of historical cash flows, “cash burn” and working capital requirements (WCR), a medium/ long-term forecast of 12 to 36 months with scenarios, or even estimates and advice on financing needs.


Dejamobile develops white label digital solutions for banks, prepaid card issuers, merchants and FinTech, enabling them to offer innovative digital payment services based on the latest technologies (NFC, HCE, tokenization, QR Code, software and hardware security).


Nepting gives payment services for merchants and professionals. It specifically adapts to the latest commercial trends by offering the mPOS solution in particular: a bank card reader to be paired with a tablet or smartphone for payment on the move.


Plebicom publishes portals that specialize in shopping tips (CashBack, Flash Tickets, online and in-store vouchers, etc.). The company boasts of bringing together a total of 15 million consumers on the Internet and in stores.


Preludd was founded by avid professionals in the payment industry, with the aim of offering services for payment terminals. The solution notably offers a white label payment platform hosted on cloud solutions.


Swan allows SaaS, marketplace and FinTech companies to integrate banking services into their offer, such as creating bank accounts and providing Mastercard and IBAN.


TradeIn offers a collaborative brokerage platform, integrating artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, to help VSEs and SMEs manage their risks in France and around the world.


Ubble makes an online identity verification service. The startup offers its customers a solution that protects their users from identity theft. how By asking them to scan their identity document on the streaming video, which checks the streams in real time. The video provides, in fact, hundreds of points of view on the document, which appear to be reflections, holograms, reliefs … There are so many invisible elements in a simple picture.


Voxpay designs a secure omnichannel payment solution (voice, sms, chat, confidential email). Clearly, the solution only makes it possible to cash a transaction with CB during a telephone conversation without revealing the bearer’s bank details to their correspondent.


Subsidiary of the Orange group, W-HA provides professionals with its own turnkey solution for electronic money (API-money) and collection via bank card (Contodeo).

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