Video games. Stop saying “e-sport”, “cloud gaming”, “streamer” or “retrogaming”

The Official Journal of May 29 is formal: forget the terms “early access”, “retrogaming”, “e-sport” and much more. The Ministry of Culture decided to put a “touch of Polish” in the vocabulary of video games, especially for official communications. Yes, the video game is known to use a lot of Anglicism, terms that fix innovation after innovation.

Are you a “casual gamer” or a “hypergamer”?

“To allow as many people as possible to better understand this universe and guarantee understanding between specialists, occasional gamers and hyperplayers, the experts of the French language enrichment system have come up with new terms, which published in the Official Journal of May 29 2022 » explains on the France Terme page of the Ministry of Culture.

This list of technical terms should make it possible to name the different types of video games and their skills. Thus, “skill games” became “skill video games”, “retrogaming” became “retrogaming”.

“Game as a service” becomes “video game on demand” and “cloud gaming” becomes “video game in the cloud.” patula. “The two concepts are, however, not to be confusedassures us the site. The first is a marketing mode while the second is a technical process that uses cloud computing and therefore does not require a download..

Professional gamers live on competitive video games

Video games are a hobby for many and a source of income for some explains the ministry. Therefore, “Streamer” will now be referred to as “live gamers” and “pro-gamers” those who earn their living by gaming will become “professional gamers” (why not just that): “The latter generally dedicate themselves to” competitive video games “(e-sports) a term we would prefer rather than the vague expression of” electronic sport “”.

For beginners, money is not far away, whether through “virtual item exchanges” (“skin betting”, “skin gambling”), “pay to win” (“pay to win”), or, indirectly , through “in-game advertising”.

Goodbye “free-to-play”, “early access” and “season pass”?

Finally, let’s mention three terms that qualify as game access methods:

• “Free-to-play” becomes “free access video games”, “indicating that this game may include paid features and is therefore based on a free-pay model”

• “early access” becomes “advanced access”. The term (widely used in Quebec but also in France), “means an offer that allows players to use an initial version of a video game, and the creator of the latter to make it thrive thanks to users’ observations”

• “season pass” becomes “seasonal pass”, and “It stimulates the operation of the seasons, based on the model of the television series, the seasons here are stages that follow each other according to updates. This pass is valid for games as well. also for their additional downloadable content, an expression that can be abbreviated as CTA to replace the English acronym DLC, known to gamers who want to enrich their user experience..

You can add on top of other technical terms such as “matchmaking” which becomes “pairing of players”, “skeletonization” (“rigging”), followed by “hands” (“hand-tracking”)!

In other words, it is not certain that these terms have actually been used by gamers or members of the video game industry for a long time. But we must, at least, find them in the official documents of the various French authorities.

Video games. Stop saying “e-sport”, “cloud gaming”, “streamer” or “retrogaming”

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