Viber has revealed another aspect of the messaging app

Rakuten Viber, a global messaging and calling platform, shares industry trends and challenges, Viber solutions for Business, and the future of communication and the relationship between brands and their customers.

Viber went to Algiers for their first media roundtable to showcase the offer for businesses. To the media representatives in attendance, the Viber team shared their perspective on several key topics, such as current industry challenges, the benefits of Viber for Business solutions, as well as the brand’s goal to be a super -application.

A new era for communication between consumers and brands

The number of hours users spend on their mobile each day continues to rise. More importantly, 95% of internet users use chat and messaging apps. Users want to be able to cope with more work without switching apps. They often spend a lot of time on their favorite apps, which often include messaging tools. In addition, Internet users are more willing to interact with brands through messaging applications: 74% of users are more willing to exchange messages with companies if they are answered by a real person. In a world where smartphones are omnipresent, it becomes important for brands to interact with users wherever they are. Viber is well positioned to capitalize on these trends: in Algeria alone, the brand has facilitated over a billion calls and twelve billion messages, and created countless connections between users and brands.

Viber for Business: solutions for brand-consumer interaction

From a commercial perspective, Viber offers advertising solutions (native ads, stickers or even filters for photos and videos), messaging solutions (chatbots, personalized messages) and calling solution. All of these tools help businesses interact with their customers at every stage of the buying journey.

Today, more than 8,500 brands around the world rely on Viber’s business messaging solutions to empower communication with their customers. Last year, the company recorded:

● A 20% global growth in the number of chatbots, where customers get automated responses to requests in real time 24/7. Chatbots provides a mini-app experience for brands that want to offer their Viber service in a native way.

● 55% growth in Viber Business Messages sent worldwide. The goal is to strengthen the relationship between brands and customers, thanks to one channel. Viber Business Messages brings together everything you need for effective communication: from a procurement channel through personalized promotional messages, to notifications sent along with transactional messages , which always goes through enhanced customer service thanks to communication messages.

● According to Viber, the business messaging trend is expected to continue to grow around the world, especially in Algeria, where the company saw a 243% increase in business messages sent in the last 6 months of 2021.

To increase their visibility and attract new users, brands can also take advantage of Viber advertising solutions. Native and non-intrusive ads continue to grow in popularity, especially thanks to a variety of targeting options. Last year, the volume of advertisements on Viber increased by 70%, showing huge interest by advertisers around the world. Among the best performing sectors in the world were health and well -being, which recorded a 90% increase, energy with +56% and transportation +51%.

New Viber filters are helping businesses reach Gen Z. Viber stickers are other creative tools that allow brands to gain visibility and interact with their current or potential. and customer.

However, messaging and advertising solutions are not the only ways to strengthen the connection between brands and consumers on Viber. In the coming months, Viber is planning two major launches: commercial accounts, focused on brands, as well as the Viber Business Calls service. These two features allow users to find their favorite brands on Viber, view their business pages, and contact or message them directly from the app.

Brands and users trust Viber, whose security and privacy promises are very strong. Security is built into the company’s DNA, with features like end-to-end and default encryption for private chats, group chats and private calls. Viber also offers IP whitelisting, HTTPS-only connections, and encryption for work messages, to name a few of the features that ensure the security and privacy of Viber data.

Viber: a future -oriented application

“Now, users prefer to avoid juggling between applications. On average, they spend 77% of their time on just 3 apps, which is almost half of them in a single app. In fact, users are now looking to access as many options as possible from one app, ”explains Berina Tanovic, Senior Partnership Manager MENA at Rakuten Viber. “Viber’s long -term goals are part of an overall strategy to become a super app for consumers and brands. By maximizing the app’s functionality, the user will be able to solve as many tasks as possible without leaving the convenience of Viber, and brands will reach their target audience at every stage of the customer journey. »

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