OnProcess Exceeds All Fiscal Years 2021-2022 Financial Forecasts and Development Circular Ambition

BOSTON, June 01, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-OnProcess Technology, a global pioneer in circular service supply chain solutions, is announcing its fiscal year 2022 results to shareholders, describing success in the four pillars of its strategy. company, and refers to a digital-first axis.

From a financial point of view, OnProcess is showing a very solid year, ending beyond the revenue and EBITDA outlook. The company also reports 109% revenue growth from current customers, the lowest churn rate in many years, and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 57.6.

OnProcess also confirmed the completion of a large round of investments, which will be used to strengthen the technology and product roadmap, and to develop sales and marketing capabilities in new market areas.

OnProcess also commemorates the development and launch of its flagship digital platform, OnProcess Agora, during the fiscal year, as well as the first application developed here, Agora Recover ™, which aims to digitize the return process, improve customer experience and satisfaction levels, and pave the way for more sustainable and circular service supply chains. OnProcess Agora now forms the foundation for all new customer deployments and the company’s new direction for digitalization: a transformational approach that not only applies digital excellence to customer processes, but also completely new ways to perform these processes and deliver new experiences to end customers.

The company also announced some of these plans for the fiscal year 2022-2023, featuring development products, as well as expansion into new market segments. To drive these innovations, the company announced the appointment of its first Chief Product Officer. Other key components for fiscal 2023 include continued use of the Agora platform for current customer transfers, as well as new customer and account growth. The company is further announcing additional investments in talent, strengthening its diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policy and its commitment to social responsibility initiatives with sustainability indicators and circular economy, as well as for its customers.

“I am extremely proud of what the OnProcess team has accomplished this year, and I want to thank everyone for contributing to a successful workout,” said Oliver Lemanski, CEO of OnProcess. “We have surpassed every target set by our innovation strategy, as well as all financial forecasts, amid renewed global uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic and supply chain challenges. Has been a successful exercise. in all numbers, but above all shows that our strategic path of a new digitally-driven OnProcess is right. ”

AboutOnProcess TechnologyInc.

OnProcess offers technologies and services that support global circular service supply chains. The company provides managed digital transformation services and expertise that streamlines processes, maximizes lifetime customer value and enhances circular economy maintenance goals. OnProcess is a trusted consultant to many of the world’s leading computer, network equipment manufacturing, medical technology, wireless -focused, telecommunications and IT specialty companies.

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