Bacchus Business Club. A beautiful vintage with Patrick Chêne as guest star –

Text: Morgan Couturier – Gathered in its usual cocoon of restaurant La Rotonde, the Bacchus Business Club opened with guest confessions this month, the former TV journalist. patrick oak. A good customer, so the latter allowed himself to be carried away by the lightness of the moment, letting his passion for wine and his bottles enliven the night.

So much has been said and written that wine and wine relax the tongues, that one can almost forget the presence of the Master. Bruno Alart enough to relax the atmosphere. To liberate guests and enter the evenings of his Bacchus Business Club in a certain way of letting. A reinforced sweetness, when the evening guest came to name himself patrick oak. The “Voice of the Tour”, which was reconverted in the vineyards, turned out to be a perfect facilitator. In habit, but also and mainly by the interest of his stories and his memories.

Combined with the tasting of the grands crus from the Château Malartic Lagravière in Veronique Bonniethe latter made a funnier turn under the leadership of Bruno Alart and questions from his MOF and sommelier, Laurent Derhe. “I want people to come out relaxed and have fun,” said the lawyer and conductor of the ever -lively Bacchus Business Club. The appreciation at the end of the meal of some cuvée signed by the former journalist is enough to prove it. MAY Veronique Lorentz-Poinsotgeneral manager of Boiron and guest next month, to preserve the tradition.

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