some ways to find your own “balance”

7:30 am, the youngest child’s toast is buttered, you check out a customer’s email sent two hours earlier. 11:00 am, a call from the school invites you to leave the meeting immediately with the funders … 7:30 pm, the phone is still not in airplane mode. The laptop sits on the table in the living room while the water for the pasta boils, like your brain is pouring. This is what “real” life looks like for many of us: overflowing, fighting, even confused. The blurring of the boundaries between professional life and personal life is such that it has become a concept: “blurring”. And entrepreneurs are no exception, they who often experience a career against time at work.

“It is a utopia to think that we can leave professional life at work and personal life at homestarted the Marine Charrier, co-founder of PolytopolyGet started specializes in the research, characterization and organization of supplies of recycled polymer resins.This segmentation command does not work. And this is even more true when you have children. Honestly, I prefer the notion of adaptation than balance … because it changes the life of a company. »

Be clear in your outlook on professional and personal life

What do I need to be happy personally and professionally? By answering this question Marine Charrier, 28, identified her two main ambitions: to have a family life and a vibrant career as an entrepreneur. ” Let’s be clear, an entrepreneur spends a lot of time on his job “, emphasizes the head of the company. “We have to end the myth of the very powerful entrepreneur leading everyone from the front. I chose to give up everything that didn’t matter to me. My frugal approach to life helped me fix everything. But it was is a meditation that must be carried out, from the beginning, both alone and with those close to you. Having a plan with a direction and how to get there is important to me. »

For Patrick Jacquemin, founder of the Rue du commerce site, this is the balance in between “the pro and the personal” clearly coming from a philosophy of life specific to each person. “Rue du commerce is not a long -term plan in life “, report of one leaving the e-commerce flagship in 2009. “Dedicating one’s life to work always seems like a hassle. I want to free myself from this obligation by creating a business before it is resold and having enough money to live this freedom. “It’s a vision that takes hard work, but shouldn’t stop me from taking a vacation with my family.”

Don’t stay the only master on the board

To associate or not to associate? This is the question Patrick Jacquemin asked himself: To creating the Rue du Commerce, I quickly learned that I didn’t want to be the one to whom it all fell. ” In other words, you have to share responsibilities.

The former entrepreneur is quick to admit that finding the right partner can be a daunting task. But that’s what he allowed “build [son] company, take a vacation and face the turmoil of life. ”

For some, being an entrepreneur also means staying in control of your time and being able to free yourself from 4:30 pm for your kids or a passion, before returning to work by 9 pm! “I used this type of organization after my divorce when I applied for joint custody of my children”, testifies Patrick Jacquemin recalling that his company has only undergone a social plan. “Nothing is impossible on the condition to recruit to delegate!”.

Entrepreneurship means navigating between operations, management, strategy … Once the company has more than five employees, you need to think about delegating before you run out. “How many entrepreneurs deal with particular time -consuming tasks such as supervision outside of office hours? continuation of the e-commerce pioneer, who has always relied on recruiting what he calls “resource people” to take his place.

Take care of your recruitments

There is a time when you have to divide tasks, settle down and dedicate “, really adds a Marine Charrier. “We ended up with my partner recruiting an executive assistant who simplifies our administration and has an analytical perspective on things. He has become a trustworthy person who has transformed our daily lives! »

For the business manager, bad recruitment remains the best way to submerge his box. “You have to rely on people with this intrapreneurial spirit and attach importance to soft skills.»

Accept moments of imbalance

Mourning, illness, love at first sight, fundraising, decreased activity, health crisis … Not everyone can expect. A close team, a listening family, a will is not always enough. To cope with times of instability, Patrick Jacquemin always tried to step back: It happened to us, along with my partner, to agree to take the time and isolate ourselves for ten days to make a new approach. » Above all, the founder underlined Polytopoly, which says far from exemplary, ” IYou have to accept moments of imbalance. Creating a startup is doing a marathon at the speed of a sprint. A fundraiser is too much. Entrepreneurship means constantly adapting to stay on course with your ambitions, whether professional or personal. »

To reconcile professional and personal life, therefore there is no miracle recipe, especially since the balance depends on the needs of each. Career coach and author of “Working mum”, Bérangère Touchemann also recommends a whole series of small tips that will help you step back and accept the wonders of work: disconnection, time for self, healthy living, ability to refuse and … reviewing one’s demands on self. Knowing that the first step towards a better balance between these two very absorbing universes, the expert emphasizes, is first of all to stop feeling guilty, when one does not succeeded in one and the other, in a whole Instagrammable alchemy, yes, but rarely really.

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