Patrice Barbedette led EasyVista’s ITSM strategy towards 2025

Focused on IT service management, EasyVista expands its scope to manage IT operations through acquisitions. The latest, Itexis, focuses on tracking the user experience. To drive the acceleration of its growth, in France and around the world, the French publisher has confirmed Patrice Barbedette as CEO and strengthened its management team.

“Serving IT departments first and foremost is the positioning that EasyVista always has in its DNA,” emphasizes Patrice Barbedette, new CEO of the French publisher, who specializes in IT service management software. The company’s co -founders, Sylvain Gauthier and Jamal Labed, have just given him the baton – after a six -month managerial transition – to lead him on the shareholders ’strategic plan aimed at doubling turnover by increasing its to € 100 million by 2025. A year and a half ago, EasyVista left the stock market to go into private financing with Eurazeo, its major shareholder, and Cathay Capital to accelerate both organic and external growth. For the French publisher, a new stage in its development is beginning. The challenge is particularly interesting for Patrice Barbedette, founder of Jobpartners in 2011, who will thus return to entrepreneurship after investing 10 years in Oracle’s HR software activity, most recently as head of sales for the West. Europe.

EasyVista’s external growth was illustrated last year by the acquisition of two companies, Goverlan and Coservit. The first, based in the United States, has provided it with self-heal technology to automate solving problems experienced by users of workstation computers. The second, based in Grenoble, designed the ServiceNav SaaS solution to monitor network, cloud and application activity and analyze the availability and performance of IT services in real time. In doing so, EasyVista expands the scope of its software from ITSM to ITOM, the management of IT operations.

Taking Itexis to user experience management

This ITOM axis has been extended by a 3rd takeover just announced, that of Itexis, a specialist in “digital experience monitoring”, i.e. user experience management. “The goal is to really help IT better understand how its users use IT tools and their feelings about these tools in terms of performance and efficiency,” explains Patrice Barbedette. Itexis is adding more than 200 additional customers to EasyVista’s international installed base. “We provide IT departments, infrastructure managers, applications, tools to better manage their core projects, their users, incidents, infrastructure and therefore, offer the best possible quality of service and anticipate possible problems as much as possible. summary of the new CEO. ”We are moving more towards predictive retention in IT departments, consisting of anticipated problems so that everything is completely clear and comfortable for the end user. ”

A new direction

To support its innovation strategy, EasyVista has appointed a new CTO, Michael Cohen, who is responsible for engineering. He was previously CTO of Egencia, Trace One and other international groups. “We’re working with Michael Cohen on developing a product roadmap to grow our solution and expand its scope always with an exclusive approach, that of IT departments that can serve their internal clients in HR, general services, etc. “. The management team also sees the appointment of Pauline Caillard as Chief Financial Officer (formerly Chief Financial Officer of L’Oréal and CP Finance at Criteo), while Emmanuel Bagaglia has become Chief Customer Experience Officer and Nancy Louisnord, Marketing Director.

As such, EasyVista has put itself in order to accelerate its growth in France and around the world. The publisher now has 3,200 customers worldwide, companies and organizations, and it generates 45% of its turnover worldwide. The United States alone generates 30% of this turnover. “Our growth will take place in all countries,” Patrice Barbedette told us. But it is in the United States that it is currently the fastest. “They remain a strong axis of development”, the CEO confirmed.

After leading EasyVista’s affairs for 34 years, co-founders Sylvain Gauthier and Jamal Labed are now on the board of directors. as directors, they continue to interact regularly with the company’s management.

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