Interview | Moody Ape Club

To begin, can you quickly introduce yourself?

With great pleasure, I am Julien.C Co-founder of the Moody Ape Club project, we are a group of four entrepreneurs, we all have a background in business school.

After some experience in large groups (Finance, marketing, consulting and insurance) we all had the desire to do, each create his own business mainly in digital marketing, consulting and e-commerce.

The Moody Ape Club has finally brought us all together and we are a complementary team with a thirst for growth.

Can you quickly explain what an NFT is?

Of course, an NFT, Non Fungible Token or Non-Fungible Token, is simply a token registered in a particular blockchain, the most common being Ethereum.

What is important to understand is that each token is unique and cannot be forged, in other words you are the sole real owner of the token, which can be in the form of an image, video, text, or even a work. of art. … And of course registered in a blockchain, this is among other things in your authentication certificate.

There are several categories of NFT.
– Artistic NFT: Allow artists to digitize their works.
– Collectibles: These are intended to be collected
– NFTs for the metaverse: These are avatars or accessories that allow the player to have unique objects and an innovative and lucrative gaming experience.
– NFT Utilities: I’m thinking, for example, Ternoa (CAPS), a French project that offers blockchain-registered capsules that are automatically transferred to a third party, for example in case the sender dies.

The possibilities are endless, large groups understand this potential and it is no coincidence that there is such enthusiasm.

Where did this idea to launch this NFT Moody Ape Club project come from?

The four of us are passionate about crypto-currency and new technologies.
For the little anecdote I bought my first NFT in 2017, it was one of the first collections to become famous, at that time very few were interested in NFTs.

Given the growing vitality of 2021 for NFTs, it is natural for us to launch our own project while choosing a different axis while offering new things.

Can you explain your roadmap which seems very detailed?

In fact, we really want to bring real added value to this amazing ecosystem. Therefore, we choose a positioning that is different from anything we see on the web.

In fact the heart of the project is based on the creation of a manga and a mini-series. The miniseries, also developed using a recognized studio, tells the story of the creation of the metaverse in a playful way, the aim being to host this miniseries on a popular platform to introduce the general public to the universe. metaverse and NFTs.

Interestingly and innovatively the owners of several Moody’s will see their NFT come to life in the mini-series. Imagine owning a fictional actor in a movie …

To definitely mark the occasion, we are launching the first NFT on the ISS in partnership with Toucan Space. An engraved Moody’s plate will board the SpaceX Falcon 9 in October 2022. The NFT will travel 100 million kilometers, the equivalent of a round trip from planet Earth to Venus!

Always in the interest of innovation and development, we recently updated the collection, all Moody’s owners can now imagine their NFT in full 3D, which is still very rare in this ecosystem.

Where did this idea to send the NFT Moody Ape Club into space aboard the ISS come from?

We want a unique event that is consistent with our ambitions and our vision while having real meaning for the project.

At the launch stage of the project, we already have a fairly accurate idea of ​​the story of the mini-series, we come to the point of reflection which is as follows: How will the Moody Ape Club join the metaverse? The idea of ​​the rocket thus took on its full meaning. After much research, we contacted Louis de Gouyon Matignon, the CEO of Toucan Space, who offers space experiences. We want a unique and reachable experience because space is very regulated.

After many exchanges, we decided that a metal plate with the engraved Moody Ape Club was in the vacuum of space, anchored on the ISS and would make an unprecedented journey. When the plate returns to earth, we will hold a contest, one of the holders of the Moody Ape Club will win the engraved plate that will travel 100 million kilometers in the vacuum of space, a strange thing!

How do you envision the future of your project?

From the beginning, we were constantly innovating and working to bring the project to life. We can’t wait to see Faclon 9 and make this moment unique in the world of NFTs.

We are currently in the process of developing a mini-series with 3 seasons. Our efforts are focused on partnering with future platforms that will host miniseries. We do not set ourselves limits in this world where the impossible can be achieved.

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