Informatica forms Cloud Alliances with Oracle, Azure, and Google

To simplify data transfer between on-premises and the cloud, as well as data management and data engineering, Informatica has partnered with three public cloud providers: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle.

Informatica’s recent partnerships with Oracle, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud demonstrate this historic player’s approach to data management. It aims to dominate this market with integration tools that reduce the time and complexity of data transfers, data management, and related engineering tasks. The deals it announced at the Informatica World conference last week strengthen the capabilities of its Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) solution. They are also in line with the recent release of its data management software and previous partnerships with vendors such as AWS, Databricks, and Snowflake.

Informatica is slowly implementing its plan to go beyond the ETL tools (extract, transform, load) that have made its reputation. This approach has led to strengthening its collaboration with major cloud service providers. This is so that its customers, regardless of their cloud provider, can take advantage of all its offers to migrate, plan, analyze, process and manage data. At its meeting, Informatica also launched two more industry -specific IDMC solutions, one for financial services and one for the healthcare sector. It already offers one for the retail sector. The publisher also announced new data engineering and MLOps tools.

MDM in SaaS beta on Azure

First, the publisher is expanding its relationship with Microsoft using a SaaS version of its Master Data Management (MDM) software in private beta in the Azure cloud. The product will be available on the Azure Marketplace. This cloud service is part of the data management cloud offered by Informatica. The partnership is for joint Microsoft customers who can quickly integrate and streamline hundreds of data sources for all of their critical business operations. The result is a repository of trusted data that can be used to build business analytics, Informatica says.

In addition, the vendor adds IDMC management capabilities to Azure, so users of Microsoft’s Power BI analytics software can apply management and security policies to data streams from a variety of sources entering the their software. Informatica says it can provide a complete view of management from data sources to consumption. These capabilities follow Microsoft’s partnership with a cloud analytics program launched in November 2021. It will automate nearly 90% of data migration to Azure.

Integrate faster with BigQuery and soon with Exadata

As part of its partnership with Google Cloud, Informatica is launching a new free SaaS service called Data Loader for Google BigQuery. It is, according to the publisher, a “zero-code, zero-devops and zero-infrastructure” solution, designed to generate analyzes faster due to the ability to ingest data from a variety of sources. connection. to BigQuery, Google’s cloud data warehouse. Data Loader can be accessed directly from the BigQuery Console, providing access to all Google Cloud customers. In October 2021, an agreement with the Mountain View supplier has already resulted in a joint data transfer program.

Oracle was also added to the list of partners. The Informatice agreement includes support for IDMC with OCI, Oracle’s public cloud infrastructure, Object Storage, Exadata Database Service, and as part of Exadata Cloud@Customer. IDMC will be made available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The Informatica solution will help modernize data platforms by facilitating the transfer of workloads from on -premises systems to OCI. The partnership will allow companies to make large-scale analysis by using their current investments. This follows similar announcements made in the 2nd half of 2021, on the one hand in September, when Informatica unveiled at Snowflake a program to migrate on-premises sites to the cloud, on the other hand in December, using AWS. There is also a partnership with Databricks.

43% increase in recurring cloud turnover in a year

Informatica’s strategy agenda also includes features that allow diverse teams to share datasets with enterprises. In November, the publisher released the Cloud Data Marketplace, designed for users to share ready -to -use datasets to exploit using AI and analytical models.

Last week at its annual conference, Informatica reported that its annual recurring revenue from its cloud offerings rose 43% year-over-year on March 31, 2022. The AI ​​engine of its IDMC solution, which named Claire, has supported 32 trillion (10^12) cloud transactions per month over the same period. Informatica, which counts groups like Pepsi and Volvo among its customers, expects to double the number of transactions Claire handles next year. Informatica went public again in October 2021. The company has been led since January 2020 by Amit Walia, CEO, whom we met the same year. He then told us that artificial intelligence is increasingly embedded in Informatica software.

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