has it been time for seniors to work?

Aura/Paca: is it time to hire seniors?

In the fourth quarter of 2021, the unemployment rate will be 7.4% of the active population in France (excluding Mayotte). “This is 0.8 points lower than its pre -crisis level (end of 2019) and its lowest level since 2008”, INSEE reviews. Recruitment projections are also at their highest and all ages benefit. Even the over 50s, an audience that has suffered greatly from the Covid crisis.

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Electricity: no catch-up on charges in 2023

The “tariff shield” on electricity will not result in a “catch-up” in bills next year despite the additional financing needed of approximately 2 billion euros to implement this measure, which was indicated on Monday 30 May. Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire. The government has promised to limit the increase in electricity bills to 4% this year, a measure bigger than expected. “There will be a need for additional financing in 2023”, because “electricity prices will instead rise”, admits Bruno Le Maire.

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Infographic The DL

Infographic The DL

Business failures 2022: SMEs and ETI still remain

Nearly 1,800 companies in the region have been the subject of opening receivership or judicial liquidation in the first five months of the year. This number has increased sharply compared to the same period of 2021 (+43%) but remains lower than observed, before the health crisis, in the first months of 2019 (2,490). The company’s default rate is therefore still low, but today’s trajectory is unfavorable, especially for the smallest company with fewer than three employees, which makes up 80% of the procedures.

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$ 8.3 million compensation for Thai workers fired at Victoria’s Secret

More than a thousand Thai workers from a bra factory that supplied American lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, which have been dismissed, have received compensation totaling 8.3 million dollars (7.3 million euros), rights advocates say. workers. Brilliant Alliance Thai closed its factory in Samut Prakan, south of Bangkok, in March 2021 after going bankrupt. But the 1,250 laid off workers, many of whom have worked in the factory for more than a decade, did not receive the severance pay required by Thai law.

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Haute-Savoie: Iteratif, the start-up that dreams of endless recycling of clothes

Located in the incubator of the lakes economic site, the company was founded by Ben Levy Mc Naughton 3 years ago. He hopes to recycle 2 to 3 tons of fabric per day in the coming months. A 180 ° turn for the entrepreneur who worked on the design of sneakers in China.

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General Electric chose to use its tax optimization in France

American industrial giant General Electric (GE) will use tax optimization in France between 2015 and 2020, according to information published on Sunday May 29 by the Dislose investigation site. These practices relate to GE’s French gas turbine entity in Belfort, where he was sued by employees in December 2021 who specifically criticized his tax optimization scheme. Since taking over the Belfort turbine plant from Alstom in 2015, the American multinational has leaked 800 million euros of revenue to Switzerland and the American state of Delaware, a deficit of between 150 and 300 million. for the French tax authorities, according to the factory balances and the audits consulted by Disclose.

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Photo The DL/ Jean-François GARCIN

Photo The DL/ Jean-François GARCIN

Vaucluse: these farmers planning to uproot their cherry trees

The survival of the Vaucluse cherry is at stake. Producers have been suspended from a new derogation to combat flies that destroy their crops. A regulatory uncertainty that is starting to weigh heavily on the shoulders of farmers. Vaucluse producers have even lost negotiations with the agri-food industry keeping the price at 73 cents per kilo as they hope 85 will live with dignity from their work. Some are thinking about quitting.

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Ukraine: opening applications for assistance for French breeders and fish farmers

French breeders and fish farmers can claim starting Monday, May 30 the assistance released by the government through the resilience plan, which aims to capture the rising cost of animal feed associated with the war in Ukraine, the Ministry announced of Agriculture. “In concrete terms, the amount of this assistance will vary between 1,000 and 35,000 euros per farm, depending on the reliance on the purchase of animal feed”, the ministry indicates in a press release.

Farmers involved in this first envelope have until June 17 to submit their file to an online portal.

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