Emlyon has launched a new MSc in data science and AI

Emlyon business school has just announced the launch of a new master’s program, the MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Strategy. Focus on this training that will be open to all students from the beginning of the 2022 academic year.

For several years emlyon has relied on artificial intelligence in management and business services. This notion is even at the origin of a research center to which the school’s new MSc is attached, the Artificial Intelligence Management Research Center (AIM Institute).

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All about emlyon’s MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Understanding artificial intelligence has become a core skill in organizations today. This is why many management schools take up this topic, such as emlyon. With its MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Strategy, the business school offers a solution for companies faced with a shortage of hybrid talent.

Emlyon’s MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Strategy will be taught entirely in English and over 18 months. It is built around four pillars, which the school defines as “experiences”:

  • Strategically, with concrete cases of data science companies, workshops around robotics, smart cities or cybersecurity and focused on responsible AI.
  • Technological through code, the study of big data or algorithms.
  • Operation, thanks to professional certifications.
  • Intercultural, in particular through an exchange abroad and a seminar in one of the EU countries.

Emlyon thus aims to train the graduates who will participate in the company’s transformation tomorrow, as its academic director, Imène Brigui, explained: “ The talents we will train in the MSc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence will benefit from the broad perspective of Artificial Intelligence and will be the AI ​​strategists that all organizations will need to think, design, develop and implement responsible systems and in a positive way. effect. »

Among these possible MSc outlets, we find functions such as AI Strategist, Data analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst or Digital Marketing Analyst, professions that companies desperately need today.

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Artificial Intelligence and emlyon

As mentioned, emlyon’s MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Strategy is supported by the AIM Institute. This option is explained by the business school, indicating that it is allowed to be ” as close as possible to the latest trends in the development of AI systems and offer the new program a strong research support. »

The AIM Institute works on AI applied to companies, it seeks to understand “ implications of AI in the management of organizations, industries and business ecosystems “. This research center is supported by professors who are mathematicians as well as physicists or engineers.

If emlyon created the AIM Institute, it would repeatedly address the needs of companies faced with continuous data flow and they didn’t have the talents or resources needed to take advantage of it. ” Starting with the observation that the development of a data culture (or data literacy) is now more necessary within organizations and for every individual, the learning and delivery of this culture is at the heart of educational and emlyon’s AIM Institute scientific actions, as in organizations, through field actions, conferences, or training said AIM Institute director Yeming Gong.

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