Create your online store: five tips for success

Can a convenience store still thrive today without selling online?

The answer seems obvious, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic which showed an urgency for any local business to use the right digital reflexes to guarantee its sustainability … However, many small and micro-entrepreneurs in France are still hesitant; Only 27% of managers have an e -commerce solution – France Numérique 2021 barometer. There are many free or paid solutions to quickly digitize online sales processes. But here are five tips to consider to support the creation of an online store and make online marketing a winning asset for any business that wants to “get a gable on the Internet” …

1. Set clear, accurate and progressive goals

In the world of e-commerce, what goals should be set and how to achieve them? Dreaming of a long-term online business is worthwhile, but must first rely on a diagnosis of its commercial activity and then set clear goals that will spread over time: to reduce its cost of acquisition, increase your average basket, reduce the number of abandonments, improve the conversion rate, etc … Clearly stating accurate and progressive goals will optimize the chances of success. And varying daily goals from larger goals would be a great way to achieve all of your main goals. If the goals are realistic, motivation will follow.

2. Suggest a targeted online offer

An online business must position a strategic offer vis-à-vis the market. It is wiser to choose a very specific product or a suitable product, rather than use too broad positioning. The reason ? It is easier to succeed in positioning yourself as an expert in a particular field than to try to stand with a complete set; competition is always stronger for wide range of products. Positioning yourself in a suitable product also offers the advantage of being able to experiment with digital techniques, then map and evaluate the customer’s digital journey. Based on this analysis, a supply chain can be set up in an agile manner and according to the customer experience.

3. Use diversified and adapted marketing tools

Diversifying marketing tools over time is a necessity, but not necessarily towards an advertising campaign or a 360 ° marketing strategy. In fact, it is recommended to constantly adapt the marketing strategy and the tools focused on targeted commercial targets. For example, registering on Google Maps or Yelp is as much of a step for a physical store as it is for a digital one. It meets the same requirements as the “classic” natural reference. Technical optimization, editorial content quality, popularity, etc. To measure the urgency of identifying a store, perform the following test: when you search for the company name in search engines, on which page is it mentioned? Social networks should also be considered. The channel must be selected according to the product. Beauty and health products have their place on image -rich social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), corporate news is more suited to professional portals (Linkedin, Twitter, etc.).

4. Consider tracking

Not considering website performance is a big mistake that can be easily avoided. To measure them, it is necessary to have a statistical tool, to analyze traffic. There are SEO tools that require a bit of technical knowledge. With one click, highly detailed reports are offered on content marketing and website traffic strategy, with descriptions of traffic and geographic locations of visitors, time spent in the store, frequently viewed products or the number of abandoned purchases … All of these elements are essential to intervene in a targeted way.

5. Listen and review customer reviews

Customer reviews and comments are worth gold. And you need to know how to consider them and put them into practice. At physical points of sale, customers give their opinion on their visit. But on the Internet, they are less obvious to get but just as valuable. Often, customers post their opinion on the online store or share their product experience on their own social networks. Quickly providing yourself with a solution that collects, reviews or distributes customer reviews can contribute to the influence of e-commerce.

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