a job that combines technical, strategic and human responsibilities

Companies are widely faced with cyberattacks. Ransomware, spam, hacking… Cybersecurity is a major issue for organizations! To defend themselves, limit these cyber risks and benefit from an effective security system, companies are looking for specialized experts dedicated to digital security.

Stéphane Erny, pedagogical director at Aston École Informatique and Franck, a former student who followed digital security expert training, who is now a cybersecurity consultant, demonstrates the roles, missions and core skills to use in this profession, as well as prospects for development.

Focus on a profession that is highly sought after by recruiters

The digital security expert is a multi-skilled professional. Its role: to guarantee the security of IS as well as the design and scalability of the information security management system.

Its missions vary, such as ensuring data protection, monitoring security breaches, analyzing vulnerability levels, managing a team, conducting audits and providing solutions for the protection of information systems or even checkmate intrusion attempts. It also needs to remain on standby in relation to the evolution of threats, Stéphane Erny explains.

Beyond these technical skills, the digital security expert must work as a team. ” He has a cross-functional role that requires him to interact with all employees ”, underlined the director of education. Raising the awareness of an organization’s employees on information system security issues is one of its missions. He is also the privileged interlocutor of the information systems department (DSI) or of general management to ensure that a security management system is put in place in accordance with the overall objectives of the company.

Improving “soft skills” and career development

In his to do: technical expertise and interpersonal skills

Guarantor of information security and risk management, the digital security expert must have a good command of systems and networks. He also needs to acquire developmental but also project management skills. At the same time, he needs to show, according to the pedagogical manager: “a good spirit of analysis and synthesis, flexibility, anticipation, curiosity and communication, which will also be essential to perform this profession.”

Different positions and career paths

The opportunities and career advancement are vast for graduate students who are experts in digital security. Beginners can apply for positions such as information systems security consultant, security auditor, CISO assistant or even pentester. With experience and seniority, this cybersecurity professional will be able to move towards the positions of RSSI (Head of Information Systems Security), head of CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), head of SOC (Security Operation Center), and information system manager.

And in a concrete way?

I work for a company that specializes in enhancing the cybersecurity skills of its customers through analysis, support and service offers. As a result, I support companies towards better managing their cybersecurity, says Franck, an ESD alumni from Aston École Informatique, now a cybersecurity consultant.

A complete journey to become an expert in digital security

A baccalaureate to bac+5 course level

Level 7 (bac+5) is the digital security expert training of Aston Ecole Informatique. Requirements include:

  • A bac+4 level in network system or development with good knowledge of networks,
  • At least 4 years IT experience,
  • Strong knowledge of Python language.

The school benefits from a complete course consisting of a baccalaureate-level training in computer proximity technician, a bac+2 network and security systems technician, then a bac+4 network and cloud systems administrator.

Students with a bac+2 in computer science can join the bac+4 from Aston École Informatique to access digital security expert training, which lasts 14 months and takes place in a work-study that basis.

Training that meets business needs

Among the advantages of the digital security specialist course, the courses are led by sector -recognized cybersecurity experts. “I got from professional cybersecurity trainers all the skills needed to use my profession in the future: de mastery of intrusion tests in security audits, through information system protection and the awareness of teams around data security »where is Frank.

Another strong point of ESD training is its superior certification titled “Digital Security Expert”, which is recognized in the IT and cybersecurity sector. “More than 500 ESD graduates have graduated from Aston Ecole. Members of our Alumni network, they hold cybersecurity -related positions in some of our partner companies such as Orange Cyberdefense, Ministry of the Armed Forces, DIRISI, etc. »completes the director of education.

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Introducing Aston Computer School

An establishment that specializes in IT, Aston Ecole offers training for students right from the baccalaureate with bac+2 technician training in network and security systems. An IT engineering course offers a network and cloud systems administrator master’s degree that opens to three level 7 (bac+5) training courses: CloudOps expert, digital transformation project manager and digital security expert. A second software engineering specialist course is available, offering a designer-developer master’s degree in new technologies and providing access to two level 7 training courses (bac+5): project manager in digital transformation and software architect. . All training courses are accessible on an initial or work-study basis and lead to a diploma.

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