A French startup allows individuals to easily invest!

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My Little Placement is the fintech French that allows individuals to invest in a few clicks. So the received ideas about investing were cut short: it was not reserved for the richest people or experts! The solution offers many advantages, such as generating capital without having to think about it.

What are the benefits of using Mon Petit Placement?

To invest as individuals, the Mon Petit Placement platform has many advantages.

First of all, it’s easy to use and intuitive. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to understand what your banker is telling you in order to place your silver. The steps are faster because you can invest in 10 minutes; everything is done online, so you invest and track your investments directly from your couch!

Then, the platform wants to be accessible to allow beginners to strengthen their saves from 300 €. No need to have wealth in your pocket to build capital!

Mon Petit Placement provides you with specialized support. In fact, investment professionals offer you an investment strategy that is perfectly tailored to your profile and your goals and supports you at every stage. properly reagentsyou can reach them 7 days a week!

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Whether you are new or more beginner, theapplication fits you in every moment. According to your profile : goals, risk appetite, projects, duration… their experts will advise you to make the best choice for your savings. From 3 to 12%, the performance of these portfolios is related to the level of risk taken.

The cherry on the cake that differentiates the application from its competitors: Mon Petit Placement is only paid if your placement earns a capital gain! So they tailor their interests to you for a win-win relationship!

How does Mon Petit Placement work?

The operation of Mon Petit Placement is simple. The platform allows you to invest through a life insurance contract, which is more flexible than what your bank offers!

As stated above, you have a choice between several portfolios to invest. It allows you to personalize your experience and choose the most appropriate for your situation.

  • Voluntary (+3% per year): risk taking is minimized using a voluntary portfolio, which relies on steady growth.
  • Energetic (+5% per year): a portfolio that combines moderate risk taking with better growth than the voluntary portfolio.
  • Ambitious (+8% per year): greater share of risk here but allows for attractive investment performance.
  • Intrepid (+12% per year): this portfolio is definitely the most dynamic. It offers high profitability in the long run in exchange for taking higher risk. This wallet is for people who loveadrenaline.

Mon Petit Placement gives you access to premium financial products carefully selected by true experts. For example, JPMorgan, Rothschild or even Lazard. Not to mention that by investing in this platform, you can withdraw your money anytime and without any charge. So there is no commitment. No more reason not to get started!

Is the Mon Petit Placement platform secure?

It is useful to specify for the most skeptical that the Mon Petit Placement platform is completely secure. In every moment, your personal data and banks remain protected.

The platform is a partner of the largest insurers in the market, such as Generali and Apicil – which therefore represents an additional guarantee of security.

In addition, the Mon Petit Placement team is only paid if your investment performs. So he aligned his interests with yours for a win-win relationship!

Invest in Mon Petit Placement by taking advantage of a unique discount offer to get started!

To get started, take advantage of a 30% discount on your first year fees by registering with code FUTURA30!

To take advantage of this unique discount offer, simply go to the Mon Petit Placement website and click on “I get started”.

You will only need to answer a few questions to determine your investor profile. Their advisors will be able to give you personalized advice. Their advice is free and without obligation because you only need to validate your investment as long as the proposed investment strategy suits you.

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them. by chat or on the phone. You can see for yourself that the Mon Petit Placement team, in addition to being professional and helpful, is extremely responsive!

The article was produced in partnership with Mon Petit Placement

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