10 LinkedIn profiles for successful entry into the job market

They are in their twenties or thirties, talking about the environment, entrepreneurship or the future of work and generously sharing their advice with their community. Discover ten young professionals to follow on LinkedIn to understand labor market activities, succeed in their integration and even find meaning in their professional lives!

1. Karim Hechmi, CEO FindYourWay, 33,600 subscribers

After studying law, Karim Hechmi alias Tonton Karim on LinkedIn, started real estate in Short time rental, then C&L Agency, took a brief stint at law firm Linklaters, before joining law firms recruitment consultancy. In 2015, he founded FindYourWay, an HR consulting agency that connects companies, students and alumni.

“I organize over 70 events a year at business schools, engineering schools, and universities to help students better integrate into the marketplace”, can we read his bio. More than 33,500 people follow him on the network to follow Uncle Karim’s recruitment advice every Monday at exactly 9:30 am

2. Pierre Allain, Talent Acquisition Manager, 24,700 subscribers

He is the Talent acquisition manager at Wink, a start-up that makes recruitment software. In his LinkedIn posts, he examines the labor market, new skills and the ones he hopes to lose.

What are the “super boring old world habits to throw away” during the recruitment process? And list: “The cover letter, the advertisements without pay, the compulsory suit and tie, the one-way reference checks, the interviews in Inspector Colombo mode…” On the network, he gives his advice to recruiters, but he also addresses candidates, with suggestions for standing up in interviews or even being seen on LinkedIn.

3. Samuel Durand, author of documentaries on future work, 10,400 subscribers

After his studies at the Grenoble Ecole de Management, Samuel Durand could join a large company, sign a comfortable permanent contract and have a fixed salary. He preferred to be independent and explore what the future of the job would be. At the age of 25, he has already released two documentaries and a comic strip on the subject (Ed. Eyrolles, 2022). He is also behind the bi-monthly newsletter “Billet du futur”.

On social networks, it tells the great stories of employees, entrepreneurs or freelancers who have thrived at work. It also features initiatives and practices that could evolve in the coming years: digital nomadism, asynchronous work, four -day weeks, unlimited vacations, etc.

4. Claire Pétreault, creator and president of Pépites Vertes, 9,600 subscribers

A Sciences Po graduate, Claire Pétreault, 27, has been head of communications for impact fair ChangeNOW for two years after several experiences with Cocycler, Voxe, Drenche, la Ruche qui dit Oui. Since September 2020, he has launched his own media “Les pépites vertes” on social networks (especially LinkedIn and Instagram).

Purpose: to highlight “a community of young ecological transition employees to help young people transition towards focused professions”. The rising number of “climate generation” has also created a Green Pépites club that recognizes and disseminates green job offers. He is now 100% committed to it.

5. Imane Bounouh, creator of Grimpe and intern in the European Parliament, 7,800 subscribers

Upon entering the master’s degree at IAE Paris-Sorbonne Business School in 2019, Imane Bounouh launched the Instagram account “Recipes Echelon 7” (in determining the level of her scholarship, at the time maximum). He shared cheap recipes, to be made without an oven.

The young woman from Le Mans holds this account and launched another, Grimpe, in early 2021. Her motto? “We struggled and we climbed together. “Followed by more than 100,000 people on Instagram, she lists the aids that students can claim and shares her advice to thrive during her studies and enter the world of work.

6. Victoria Guillomon, host of the Nouvel Œil podcast and author of “What We Didn’t Learn in School”, 7,700 subscribers

An INSEEC graduate, Victoria Guillomon, 23, preferred to do the “a hard bet not to take out a permanent contract to propagate projects around the same mission: awakening a generation in search of meaning”.

how As a student, he first created the business of general knowledge tests in waiting areas, then he wrote a book “What we didn’t learn in school” (Ed. Kiwi, 2021). Her podcast Nouvel Œil gives voice to inspired personalities such as Eva Sadoun (Impact France), Raphaël Glucksmann (Public Square) or Maxime de Rostolan (Fermes d’avenir). Unique note: its yellow microphone.

7. Jasmine Manet, CEO of YouthForever association, creator of Vocation media, 6,000 subscribers

25-year-old Franco-British Jasmine Manet is focused on youth. Graduating from a master’s degree in entrepreneurship at HEC in 2020, he founded the same year Vocation, a professional media orientation. Purpose? Guide young students and young professionals in their early careers. Its community now numbers more than 30,000 young people (newsletters and podcasts).

Followed by nearly 6,000 people on LinkedIn, she shares the difficulties, concerns and aspirations of young people at work. Since 2021, Jasmine Manet has also been the general manager of the NGO Youth Forever.

8. Camille Berteau, co-creator of parfaitpourcejob.com and now jaimelemondi.fr, 2,300 subscribers

A graduate of TBS Education, the Toulouse business school, Camille Berteau is hyperactive. He runs with Miguel Munoz of nowjaimelelundi.fr, an “upside down” recruitment platform, with no CV and cover letter, where candidates demonstrate their skills. Then it’s up to the companies to contact them.

Still working, the 30-year-old co-created the YouTube channel Parfait pour ce job, where he and his partner try out the professions that have inspired them since 2018 (farmer, pilot, lawyer, physiotherapist, psychologist, etc.), discuss orientation and professional retraining. saka? His business experiences continue with e-auxilium, an IT company he launched in 2012.

9. Jeanne Deplus, managing innovation at Enedis and creator of the TAF podcast, 2,600 subscribers

After three years supporting companies on HR and management issues, Jeanne Deplus continued her studies with a master’s degree in human resources and job changes at IAE Gustave Eiffel. An internship followed the apprenticeship at Enedis, where the young woman joined the “Managerial Transformation” pole of Paris regional management.

At the same time, he hosts a podcast on “TAF” about the future of the work he did in 2020. Twice a month, he invites entrepreneurs, experts, or human resources specialists into his microphone to discuss inside of 1 hour. .

10. Jessica Calautti, youth coach, 2,200 subscribers

Guidance professional, Jessica Calautti is a certified coach. He founded Tandem Agile, a structure that helps 15-25 year olds get to know each other better and find their way. Career choice, self-confidence, motivation, learning techniques, managing emotions, sense of work … Here is an incomplete list of his favorite topics. The young woman shared on LinkedIn “inspiring” videos of testimonies from young people telling of their reorientation.

Holding a DUT in corporate management and administration, Jessica Calautti continued her studies in finance and marketing at IAE of Nice, before proceeding to master 1 in management and business strategy. Her diploma course didn’t stop there: the young lady followed a professional web marketing training at Skema, before following a coaching training course.


This list is intended to highlight content creators to be followed by certain specific categories and/or themes. Thanks to the help of LinkedIn’s team of data scientists, social network publishers chose profiles according to several criteria: does the person post regularly? Are his contributions topical, informative and do they get people’s reaction? Has it been able to develop and mobilize a community? Does it seek to give useful advice rather than promote itself?

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