These open innovation alliances are leaving the construction sector

This is a fact: the construction sector is accelerating its digitalization. And the current context (demographic, climatic, legal, etc.) requires constant effort. Because even though it weighs more than 2,000 billion euros in Europe, the sector has seen its productivity over 20 years.

So we must strengthen change in the sector. This is what ConTech players (an activity sector that combines construction with new technologies) are now doing by offering agile and smart solutions for materials management, site monitoring or even recruitment. They are also attracting more and more interest: in the first quarter of 2022, European PropTech and ConTech startups raised 880 million euros, compared to 173 million in the first quarter of 2021. And according to the new index PropTech and ConTech Launched by Axeleo and The RENT, ConTechs is attracting more investors, with 31% of all real estate and construction rounds, compared to 24% on average last year.

But the interest of investors is not the only one to describe the expectations of the construction sector in terms of innovation. This is also clearly seen in the creation of incubation and partnership ecosystems through large groups. Like Vinci, who chose, with its Leonard incubator, to open up to great ideas and new technologies. The emergence and growth of a young shoot like Build2B is a very inspiring textbook case.

A simple but evolving idea

This startup is really thrilled with practices deemed ineffective by professionals with simplified recruitment solutions. ” 1h to 1h30 per day, that is the time an operational worker spends looking for staff. This time is important. At Build2B, so we decided to build a platform that makes construction and real estate freelancers more reliable in an instant search engine. We do in construction and real estate what Malt did for the digital freelancer “, explains the COO of the startup, Karim Tamarzist.

If site managers make sure to contact their network to find one or more collaborators with more or fewer experts or atypical profiles, this way of doing things is clearly lacking. in efficiency. at ” talent needs will intensify: 20% of employees in the sector will retire in the next 10 years, 200,000 managers will be renewed and, in France, many very important projects are imminent, such as those associated with the 2024 Olympics », Stressed Karim Tamarzit.

Simple but definitely rooted in its era, the solution provided by Build2B therefore digitizes the establishment of relationships and the search for skills, simplifying and accelerating it at the same time. So he was the first the market construction freelancers. Now at a stage of growth with several hundred registered specialists and several dozen construction clients, Build2B’s adventure probably wouldn’t have been so dazzling without an environment conducive to its emergence.

An ecosystem created to combine and make it a reality

Because this startup, like dozens of others, joined the Leonard incubator’s SEED program in 2020. A program whose mission is to help start-ups selected for their innovative project by training them in entrepreneurship, and by supporting them in raising funds from investors. Not to mention an investment worth 60,000 euros through a simple and quick mechanism: the stock warrant (BSA Air).

Hosted for 6 months at Leonard’s venue located in the heart of Paris, the Build2B team was able to follow a certified entrepreneurship training course delivered by the Stanford Center for professional development. The opportunity to follow workshops led by sector experts, while benefiting from an advisor from the Vinci group and support from the Leonard team.

Six months allowed Build2B to mature its offer but also entered into business relationships with several Vinci France departments and raise the funds needed for its development. A fundraiser specifically facilitated by Demo Day, aka a day organized by Leonard to allow incubated startup founders to present their project before a jury made up of international investors, and open to any investor or Construction and real estate experts interested in innovative solutions.

The dynamic created by the meeting between startups and large groups therefore addresses the challenges of a sector that does not, as we said in our Maddykeynote in September 2021, ” there is no choice but to reform deeply “. But the challenge is also to support the growth of young companies that are building the economy of tomorrow. The only potential brake on this win-win model is people. And in the case of Build2B, they are quickly removed as used by professionals this platform and experience the extent of its benefits.

In practice, many customers go through the platform, first, for a small mission. Then back for a more important mission … Until, for some, requesting to use the platform independently, to fully manage the constitution of a team, including for the management of quotations and contractualizationconfessed to the COO of Build2B. The truth is now on our platform, 50% of customers are repeat customers. »

Discover new startups supported by the SEED program

Registration for the 2023 session will open in June. But before trying, come and get to know the 8 startups of the SEED 2022 promotion on June 15, from 5 pm to 8 pm and explore their innovative projects for the world of construction and real estate, on the occasion of Demo Day. . To register, it is HERE.

Maddyness, Leonard’s media partner.

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