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A ray of sunshine on Factry … Twenty managers, professionals or entrepreneurs will attend a one -day workshop on creativity led by Daniel Lamarre.

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Marc Tison

Marc Tison
The Press

Given Sept. 14, this training will be the first collaboration between the executive vice-president of Cirque du Soleil’s board of directors and the Montreal school of creativity.

Founded in 2016 by Marie Amiot, Hélène Godin and Philippe Meunier, Factry provides training each year to approximately 2,000 professionals to help them better integrate creativity into their world and introduce approximately 300 young people to creativity. The company has a dozen employees and approximately thirty collaborators.

Daniel Lamarre commented on his participation from Las Vegas, where he attended the public premiere of the new show the previous day. Crazy Apple from Cirque du Soleil.

You were talking to someone who was very happy this morning because the premiere yesterday was a huge success. Feels good !

Daniel Lamarre

He shows the least enthusiasm for Factry’s creative vocation.

“I admire these two women so much”, the book’s author launches The act of balancingreleased in January.

“This idea of ​​a school of creativity sciences is directly related to what we promote at Cirque, and especially relevant to my book and what I want to promote as a concept. Because I always say that. one of the strongest natural resources of Quebec is creativity. »

A meeting opportunity

This association was the happy result of an unexpected encounter.

“At the height of the pandemic, at one point in my life, I took Daniel Lamarre to the virtual, as a jury for pitch competitions at the university,” said Marie Amiot, president and CEO of Factry.

“It’s been a gray Saturday and I feel like, wow, this guy spends his whole Saturday helping young people, in the middle of a pandemic, while he’s trying to save his business. I’m so touched and intrigued. to the man behind everything. I asked him for a meeting afterwards, and he agreed. Then we simply had a good discussion between the managers, me in my mini-company and him in his very large company. »

The reading of The act of balancing then proved to him the perfect harmony of their visions of creativity. Hence the inspiration to merge forces.

Because creativity cannot be learned or acquired without practicing it, he says.

“I’m making an analogy that can be pretty wonky, but you can’t learn to swim by listening to the pep-talks of the best swimmers on the planet,” he said. Creativity is something you have to feel, you have to do, learned through action, like learning to swim. You have to be in the pool, you have to drink some water, you have to learn to float. So you have the best creative swimmer on the planet, Daniel Lamarre, who has a school that teaches him. »

In short, the two dived.

The Pillars of Creative Leadership

Designed in close collaboration between Factry and Daniel Lamarre, the workshop to be given in September will be more based on the pillars of creative leadership described by the entrepreneur in his book.

“I want people to benefit from the experience I’ve had over 20 years working with great creators like Guy Laliberté, of course, but also Robert Lepage, Dominique Champagne, and around the world, James Cameron or the Beatles. , he describes. I learned a lot from watching these people. And that’s kind of what I want to share through Factry. »

This collaboration is already spurring creative ambition in the President and CEO of Factry, which sees within it an open door to the international market – a vision shared again by Daniel Lamarre.

“I think Factry has the potential to go beyond Quebec’s borders and attract a lot of people who want to go and see what we do and possibly deal with the people of Factry,” he said. -siya. For me, that is the ultimate goal. If I can help the Factory increase its influence and make it more international, I can achieve something that will motivate me greatly. »

Daniel Lamarre’s first workshop, open to any interested professional, will take place on September 14. Registration will begin on May 30. Depending on the interest it has generated, other sessions will follow. Marie Amiot also predicts private workshops organized for a company’s employees, as well as conferences given to the public.

Imaginary will come true in Laval


A representation of the future L’imaginaire store at Carrefour Laval

L’Imaginaire, a chain specializing in a variety of items for collectors of all stripes, will soon add a sixth store to its collection in Laval. An extensive 18,000 sq. Ft. ft. shop2 will open next October at Carrefour Laval, after renovations worth nearly $ 3 million. L’Imaginaire stores are characterized by a layout with a colorful design, where various thematic areas are dedicated to its specialties: board games, role-playing games, collectible card games , manga and comic books, puzzles, coins, sports cards, figurines and collectible toys, etc. After opening a store on Promenades St-Bruno in 2019, it will be the second establishment in the greater part of Montreal for the chain to be founded in Quebec in 1986. Benoît Doyon acquired the Comptoir Timbres et Monnaies, a small 150 feet tall.2 located in the Laurier shopping center. Together with his wife, Mireille, he slowly built a perfectly concrete little universe with five stores before one in Laval. Their children Anthony and Dave took over.

Three more satellites in orbit for GHGSat


Space -based optical methane detection sensors have been put into orbit for the Montreal company GHGSat made by ABB.

This is a mission against emissions. On May 25, the Montreal company GHGSat, which specializes in high-resolution space monitoring of GHGs, put three new satellites into orbit to determine methane emissions. Using this space-based optical sensor made by ABB, GHGSat’s hyperspectral imaging technology is able to accurately locate and measure methane emissions from any industrial area on Earth. Satellites Luke, Not me at Penny bring the names of the children of GHGSat employees “so we can always remember why we do what we do”, the company’s CEO and founder, Stéphane Germain, said in a telephone interview. with The Canadian Press. He witnessed the launch of the SpaceX rocket from Cape Canaveral Falcon 9 which put three satellites into orbit. These were added to three other similar machines already in operation, allowing the company to increase the frequency of its observations and double its capacity to monitor methane emissions. Stéphane Germain plans to expand the constellation to 10 satellites by 2023.

De Marque acquired the French Cyberlibris

It is a letter of understanding that opens a new chapter for De Marque. The Quebec company, a major player in digital book distribution, has signed an agreement to acquire French company Cyberlibris, for its part a French -speaking pioneer in academic and professional digital library services . This transaction provides De Marque’s publisher partners with a broad international platform for their technical and scientific content. Cyberlibris is already present in North America, in several Latin American countries, in French -speaking Europe, in Spain and in French -speaking Africa. The acquisition supports De Marque’s international growth ambitions, supported by a recent $ 10 million fundraiser from its financial partners. Founded in Quebec since 1990, De Marque distributes more than three million digital books, sold by more than 3,000 publishers at more than 1,300 points of sale worldwide. The company employs 70 people established in nearly 10 countries.

With the Canadian Press


With $ 30 million in financing that Amilia has just raised, the Montreal company plans to open 30 new positions in 30 days and thus increase its team from 120 to 150 employees. This investment will allow it to expand access to e-commerce for the community and sports organizations, on which its SmartRec platform is focused.

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