Shooting in the USA: for business happiness?

The guns were on display at the National Rifle Association (NRA) annual convention on May 28, 2022 in Houston, Texas.

The children still died. Innocent lives, who will never have a chance to know what their future holds, are cut off in the middle of the course of a madman, who is allowed by American law to have a tool of death, a weapon as easy to obtain as a innocent Christmas toys. Just so, 19 families joined the gruesome procession of hundreds of dead children, guilty of not being bulletproof, which the law should allow to be ensured. They came to study, it will remain their last memories of this world, immortalized in the present, they who dreamed of a future.

The reason for this permanent tragedy remains a shame for the entrepreneur that I am. Why? Because these children died so that others could survive their ordeal, so that traders and industrialists could continue to pay dividends to their shareholders, salaries to their managers and employees, social taxes and above all, money for the election campaign!

Ultimately, potential death is the end of the chain of a commercial business, where the money is greater than the so -called collateral damage. I wouldn’t be able to look at myself, even in the mirror or in any mirror in the world if I had participated even a little bit in this type of business, but unfortunately this level of awareness doesn’t exist in this industry where everyone is guilty.

Small explanation of the good and bad reasons behind this Texan murder, pell-mell, I apologize:

Trump, at the NRA convention held at the same time, returned to the heart of the “intellectual and strategic” game the adage that has adopted global nuclear military policy for years since the Cold War. If everyone is armed, no one is armed. If you shoot, I will shoot. So no one shot. restraint. Self -protection through excessive fear sharing. The sole winner, again, is the arms industry. So there’s a “principle” behind this freedom of access to guns, and this principle will work well, long enough, until “nuts” like Iran can access it. We then entered into an opposite philosophy, that of “nobody is armed anymore, so that nobody can shoot anymore”. This is how we started to reduce the armament proportionally on each side. Recent events in Ukraine have officially ended this trend. won? The arms industry.

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The reason is culture as well. In many states, not the richest, or the most educated, but that’s another problem, offering arms is part of the natural and ancestral course of life. We draw from father, mother, son and daughter. This is natural. Let’s start hunting, yes. We shoot targets every Sunday as a family, yes. The fact, recently, of feeling the need to “protect” themselves from “foreigners”, which threatens the image that they have of a white America. There is nothing worse or better than in Europe, where the neo-Nazi or Islamist movement does nothing else. White race or Muslim fundamentalism, which we want to get rid of, in our country (this is “originality”), the “unbelievers” whose religion is the target. So let’s stop focusing on these “American armed morons”, these “red-necks”, we have both at home. It is difficult to change a culture, in regions where public services have been abandoned, the police, and even those equipped with the law, will continue to offer their first weapon to their children at the age of 15 (sometimes before), while we offer a bracelet, or a rolex, to one or the other. Here again, the winner in this culture, which it maintains, is again the arms industry.

The reason can also be seen in the daily violence of some cities. Here it becomes more difficult to deny everyone the right to defend themselves. Defend against daily aggression, daily torture, a wild or intentional bullet, daily. Who am I, I who live in a good environment, to refuse those who have little, not to steal a little of their possessions, to lose their lives or their children? Letting people defend themselves is legitimate, because you can’t put police in every house, in every apartment. By feeding, again, the arms industry. Like in the Casino, he always wins!

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Therefore, prohibition is not the solution. In France, where you can’t buy a gun like you buy a smartphone, where you rarely see a gun in Santa’s sack, we can count as sure as in the USA, the long list of innocent deaths, either because they are Jews, at school (remember Toulouse?), hyper-Kosher, or simply non-Muslim, in Bataclan. You can’t hold the sand between your fingers. We clearly see in France that the only winner from the imbecile surplus of radars on the roads, of points stolen from the license, is the State and their suppliers, and not our security, which is less strengthened. Anyone who wants to kill will always find a way. The USA is more than 5 times that of France, necessarily more than 5 times the number of victims and attacks. But more easily.

The USA is also a country of paradox. There are no women without tops on the beaches, but light veils that moderately cover all parts of the naked body, on the streets of Miami or LA, and that’s no problem. You cannot drink alcohol before the age of 21, but you can have a weapon of “mass destruction” from the age of 18. The alcohol lobby has no power of the arms lobby. And most of all, and this will be my last sentence, the wine lobby has no way (nor the ambition, fortunately) to fund the campaigns of all the candidates for Congress or for the President. And here lies the most serious problem. Without dirty arms money, candidates are no longer “weapons” to win elections and become slaves to them, hoping for the best.

Obama has made a major mistake, breaking fundraising records for a presidential campaign that would otherwise not have been won sooner. With a record to say the least mixed, he had to advertise, hard, and break records that have never been matched since. Billions of dollars to fund his campaign. The bar is very high now, and whoever wants to be elected has to raise money, a lot of money. That’s where the armament came to fund all the candidates willing to swear allegiance in return, including the Democrats, contrary to what some press is trying to believe. There are no good Democrats and bad Republicans. The gray line will further bite the boundary that separates the two parties. The rest is political posture. Even with a majority in Congress, Democrats have never changed gun ownership regulations.

It is however simple to do. Increasing age when you can buy a gun. Learn the “background check”, which will exclude from the easy purchase, a whole series of “dumb” who should never access it. That would be a great first step. We must reduce as much as possible, the bad statistics, those that are the fruits of the madmen, of daily life, because we will never be able to touch others, those who have gone through the same circuits to get them and against whom the law. nothing to do.

Meanwhile, death dividends are falling, for gun sellers, where shame is meaningless, and for the NRA, a war machine of unparalleled power, resisting everything, including photos of the bodies of children full of bullets. They see this as a reason to buy more weapons. So I will continue, like any parent of a young student, to continue to wonder if getting my daughter to school every morning was a mistake I will regret for the rest of my life. A question that no one should ask.

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