Increase and diversify the revenue of your e-commerce site


Creating an e-commerce site can help you increase your sales. But it is still necessary that the site manages to introduce itself to customers. Obviously, it is important to strive for the visibility of your online store in order to sell more.

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Below are top tips for increasing and diversifying your e-commerce revenue.

The importance of working with SEO

Generating natural traffic is an important lever for earning maximum revenue through your e-commerce site, both in the medium and long term. Therefore, it is necessary to put in place a good SEO strategy. Here, we advise you to accompany experts such as SEO agency A new generation agency, they offer an innovative SEO perspective that combines user experience (UX) and conversion optimization (CRO). Faced with a constantly changing context, it’s important to surround yourself with consultants who regularly monitor and update their practices.

Investing in the natural reference of your online store will guarantee you a better income. The goal is to position the e-merchant site at the top of targeted Google search results.

The details of SEO

The SEO of an e-commerce site is based on three main pillars, including Technical SEO, content marketing and platform awareness. In addition, On-Page SEO (direct site optimization) and Off-Page SEO (off-site optimization) make it possible to expand the visibility of the online store. Thanks to SEO, organic traffic is gradually becoming the main channel for getting traffic.

Studies have shown that organic search generates 9 times more clicks than paid ads like AdWords. A good e-commerce strategy allows everyone to get good positioning in the SERPs. Then, this positioning gives a sense of confidence to Internet users. Intentionally or not, they consider the web pages that first appear as the most reliable. One thing leads to another, your e-shop will generate more traffic and gain popularity, which will increase your revenue.

Why use a web agency for SEO?

SEO can be a great development lever for your e-commerce site, but only if it is done properly. The natural reference cannot be improvised. This is a separate marketing strategy that requires some skills. SEO is also a long -term job that takes time. That is why it is important to entrust it to an expert and experienced agency. So, you will have a referrer, or even several referrers, to boost the visibility of your online store on the web.

By using a web company for defining your e-commerce site, you benefit from a specialized service from professionals with expertise in the field. Considering your needs and your requirements, they will put the best strategy to strengthen your visual identity as well as your brand image. E-commerce SEO goes through several stages that only experts can master:

  • Identifying targeted Internet users in need of upstream market research;
  • Research and selection of keywords;
  • The SEO audit;
  • Content creation and/or optimization;
  • Building backlink network
  • etc.

So even if you know the basics of natural referring, you may have a hard time fixing it correctly. Especially since the competition is getting tougher every day and the search engines, especially Google, are constantly making the task harder by perfecting their algorithms. In addition, you can safeguard other traffic getting channels by trusting SEO with a professional web agency.

The diversity of traffic acquisition channels

As we just said, SEO can ensure that organic traffic will be the main channel for getting traffic for your e-commerce site. However, other channels must be exploited to sell better. To get income, it’s important not to put it somewhere. By giving Google the exclusivity of your traffic capture, you risk huge losses with a slight update of the Google algorithm, for example. We can suggest the following different channels:

Social networks

The majority of consumers are present on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And even if you haven’t built a large community yet, sponsored posts on these social platforms make it easy and quick to reach your target. Note that web agencies also offer to optimize the visibility of e-commerce sites on social networks through Community Management.


Many think that Newsletters are no longer relevant, but they are wrong! Emailing can still pay if you follow certain rules. Each email must be personalized for the recipient to appreciate. Choose an influential topic for the email to open. Its content should be short and attractive, such as the Call-to-Action button.

Other sources of income

To increase and diversify the revenue from your e-commerce site, we advise you to reinvest part of the profits. This investment can take several forms: stock market, crypto, real estate and other products available online. However, to generate income, it is necessary to make smart choices and respect a certain number of good skills. To this end, we advise you to follow a guide written by experts as on the site You will know what strategy to use to generate profits through online investing, and the diversity of your assets.

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