how Mojix was able to surf its price on the IoT Business Hub

Winner in the Operations and Logistics category in 2020, the SaaS publisher offering an IoT traceability solution for the supply chain has opened up to the luxury and foodtech sectors.

The first deadline to apply for the IoT Business Hub prize by receiving support from BearingPoint is set this Tuesday, May 31, before the final closing on June 21 at midnight. Among the various prizes focused on IoT in France, one organized by consulting firm BearingPoint allowed French company Mojix, a SaaS publisher that offers IoT traceability solutions for the supply chain, to take off, according to its commercial director Hélène de Lailhacar.

The first price advantage is linked to exchange moments: “More than any other sector, the IoT works according to the ecosystem. It is impossible to deploy network or connected objects to customers without partners”, says by Hélène de Lailhacar, for whom Innovation in the IoT comes more from collaborations to solve a problem than an invention resulting from a patent. However, for starters, it was during the meetings held during the presentation of its project for the IoT Business Hub prize in 2020, as well as the presentation of the prize won in the Operations and Logistics category, that Mojix recognized its customers in the luxury sector, where contracts continue.

The second benefit Mojix gets from this is a long -term dynamic. “The BearingPoint teams continue to interact over time. The discussions allow us to gain a better understanding of the market, which is what motivated us to offer of our solution in the foodtech sector ”, testimony of Hélène de Lailhacar. From November 2022, U.S. law will require foodtech companies to provide more information on the origin of products, hence the importance of traceability from production. “An obligation that will also gradually be extended to Europe”, Hélène de Lailhacar underlined.

Hélène de Lailhacar advises any project leader to take part in this 4th edition. “There are prizes in various fields but in the IoT their benefits are most relevant, it’s worth taking a chance”, he assured, underlining a warning: “The procedure is clear, fast, but jury members value concrete data. It is therefore necessary to carefully prepare feedback counts and, for young beginners, to detail the business model accurately. “

2,000 Chipotle locations equipped with RFID

The only comment on the prize said: “The video presentation of the project, made to provide visibility to the candidates, was shot in French. This limits the scope of distribution. Outside France, where the prize is low known, it is difficult to highlight the competition “, lamented the commercial director of Mojix, which is now part of its turnover overseas.

As a reminder, the call for applications will close on June 21 (to apply, click on this link), with the IoT-themed service planet (read our interview “IoT on the planet service will be the theme of the 4th edition of IoT Business Hub”). The jury, which brings together each edition of different personalities from the sector, is composed for this edition by Marie-Claude Dupuis, director of strategy, sustainable development and real estate at Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens, RATP, Chafika Chettaoui, CDO of Suez group, Franck Welter, general manager at Amazon Web Services, Bernardo Cabrera, CEO of French IoT operator Objenious, Sylvain Chevallier and Ouassim Driouchi, partners at French consulting firm BearingPoint, prize organizer, as well of JDN.

Since becoming a finalist in 2019, “Mojix is ​​no longer the same company, it has grown significantly and changed on a scale-up”: the company has changed hands and has new investors giving it a financial base (it was acquired in May 2022 by American investment company Peak Rock, editor’s note), it already has over 200 employees and prepares large projects with various clients. From industry and automotive, it differs in luxury, retail and foodtech. Mojix, for example, has signed with Chipotle to equip more than 2,000 establishments (250 are currently in the Chicago area). Mojix has moved from traceability as an operational efficiency system to systems to assist with second-hand product authentication, food safety or eco-responsibility. And the company doesn’t want to stop there. “On June 7, we will present a new mass product about the traceability of the first kilometer in foodtech, to guarantee in which field such product is harvested, to whom, etc.,” announces Hélène de Lailhacar in conclusion.

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