The mother of the triplets would not give hubby even a cent of his inheritance after what hubby had done before

A mother struggled when she refused to give a cent of her inheritance to her husband. She told him with her face that her money was his, but things changed after that.

Do you think it would be fair to you not to give a cent of your inheritance to your spouse, just to show them that this is how things are going after they have done it to you?

A mother on Reddit shared a similar story on the popular “AITA” forum. In fact, she received widespread support from netizens for not sharing her inheritance with her husband after it refused to share her share of the inheritance with him.

Under the name of Zealousideal_Fly4786the woman first gave readers a summary of her story, starting with the fact that she had to quit her job to take care of her children after her husband insisted.

Two years into their marriage, the OP and her boyfriend had triplets. Having health problems with their babies, the mother’s husband convinced her to quit her job and stay home with their children. Because it was cheaper than paying for a crèche, he accepted.

Op’s response was furious. He called her names for refusing to share his money.

Eventually, the OP owner offered him a job cleaning the houses when the tenants moved. He thought it was a good opportunity to save money, so he consulted with his wife. He actually agreed and said he would accept it as long as it didn’t interfere with his responsibilities at home.

OP had to quit his job to take care of his babies. | Source: Pexel

The couple also agreed that the money OP earned was his, so he put his winnings into a savings account. Three years passed without him being aware of it, and OP quickly cleaned up his owner’s other property.

When OP’s stepfather passed away, his wife received a surprise check from his mother. OP was curious and when he asked it, he got angry. He quietly said it was “his money” and not all of his inheritance would go into their family budget.

The man spent the money on excessive travel with his siblings. That was okay with OP, but he was still hurt by his wife’s reaction when he asked about the money.

However, he decided to work more to save money for the next two years. Moreover, since his parents earned well and he was the only grandchild, it is not surprising that he became the sole heir of all his grandfather’s estate after his death.

After the death of his grandfather, OP became the sole heir of his estate. | Source: Pexel

He moved all the money, rented agricultural land around his house and kept the house because it was close to his parents. The OP himself made all the decisions without discussing them with his wife, as he assumed the two had the same rules regarding each other’s inheritances.

Meanwhile, OP’s landlord approached him to tell him that he was selling the building where OP’s family lives. Worried about the impact of this sale on their family and on their budget, he then decided to buy the building with his savings and inheritance.

But when her husband found out, she asked him to deposit some of their rental income into their family account to fund his gaming activities. And issues arose when OP reminded his wife of their agreement and strictly told him that his money was his only. He also told her that they no longer had to pay rent.

The man was furious at OP’s response. He was then sworn in by names for refusing to share his money. After posting her story on Reddit, OP left it to other users to decide if she was wrong in not sharing her legacy with her husband.

OP’s wife asked him to deposit some of their rental income into their family’s account. | Source: Pexel

Not surprisingly, OP’s post exploded on Reddit with more than 9K votes and comments, with most saying he was right not to give a coin, as his wife once did.

“Seriously, break up,” the user wrote. mesafreakygyaland the Redditor Danmoh29 posted, “NTA, but this looks like a terrible marriage.”

As the discussion unfolded, many people liked the user FawkesFire13 approved, added:

“NTA. Your money. Not his. He made that clear. PS: You can do better, OP.”

Aside from supporters, OP also captured detractors. For example, a user posting as Final-Power5160 said he and his wife were wrong.

“If you’re getting married, you shouldn’t have started with‘ it’s me ’ [juron]. Either you work for marriage or you work for marriage to fail. You both worked for failure, “the man claims.

Some people on Reddit suggested that OP divorce his wife because of their money war. | Source: Pexel

Shortly after posting his story, OP showed his wife comments from other Redditors and told him he was going on a trip. “This trip gives me above all to clear my head. I have to decide what I want in our relationship,” she explained.

Her husband agreed and even offered to sign a post-nuptial agreement with her inheritance to sort things out between them and prevent divorce. “She just doesn’t want a divorce. She’s surprised at the amount of people recommending her here,” OP revealed.

The mother decided to put her professional income into her family’s budget and make sure her husband took care of their children and the house in her free time. He thought he would have a little “pocket money” and free him from his usual duties.

OP decided to give his wife a pocket money on the condition that she help him at home and with the children. | Source: Pexel

Questions to consider:

What would you do if your husband made a hole in his pocket and came to take your inheritance?

After OP’s wife spent her inheritance on travels and fun adventures with her siblings, she was attracted to OP’s money. He asked her to deposit some of their rental income from the apartment building in the family’s account so that she could fund her lavish spending. But OP refused to do so. What would you do if your husband came to take part of your inheritance after spoiling him?

What do you do if your spouse decides not to share their inheritance with you?

OP decides to confess to his wife and take away his inheritance after he does the same thing to her. If you were OP, how would you react to a spouse who refuses to share their inheritance with you?

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