Meet Femtech, these start-ups that aim to improve women’s health

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Technologies that will follow menstrual cycle or diagnose endometriosis: “femtech”, these companies dedicated to women’s health, are emerging, responding to needs that have not been considered, or are inadequate.

In Lille, the company Lattice Medical is working on breast reconstruction for women undergoing ablation chest, because ofcancer. For this, the Get started, created in 2017, has developed an implant that regenerates the patient’s fatty tissue. ” We offer an alternative to implant in silicone : a 3D printed implant, using fully resorbable biomaterial “, explains Julien Payen, co-founder of the company, who relies on a clinical trials at the end of the year.

Improving women’s health

It is one of the solutions offered by the emerging femtech market, a contraction of woman at technology. The term, quite a catch-all, includes companies that have developed technologies intended to improve women’s health and well-being.

These can be, for example, tools for diagnosticespecially for endometriosis. The Ziwig start-up, co-founded and chaired by entrepreneur Yahya El Mir said, has developed a saliva test that allows, she says, early detection of all forms of endometriosis, in women who often resort to medicine. This test is based on the technology of sequence high debt and calling artificial intelligence. Ziwig also set up a follow-up platform for patients. ” We are talking to the health authorities in France, suggests Yahya El Mir, recognizing public awareness, thanks to the work of patient associations “.

The menstrual cycle is also a news topic appsintended to determine the moment ofovulation For example. Not forgetting the post-childbirth. Strasbourg start-up Fizimed has developed a perineal rehabilitation probe, connected to an application mobileallowing every woman to do her exercises ” at home, in complete privacy, with a playful aspect to encourage motivation “, explains Emeline Hahn, the founder of this young shoot. This investigation, which is on the market, is still being paid for in Germany.

Femtech, a vibrant marketplace

L ‘emergence of these companies marks a change in mentality, which highlights light themes neglected until recently: the particularities of women’s health. ” This is movement starting, there is a change of gear on this topic. We still have a lot to talk about cancer ng prostate than endometriosisanalyzes Chahra Louafi, director of healthcare investment expertise for Bpifrance. The word is released. »

The market represents 50 billion dollars by 2024, according to American firm Frost & Sullivan. In reality, if estimates differ, this sector could potentially involve half of humanity.

Femtech uses less used words, such as vagina, uterus

For his part, Julien Payen said he was optimistic: “ more and more qualitative projects in this sector “, which attracts more investors, he believes. But there is still a long way to go, entrepreneurs admit.” Femtech uses less used words, such as ari, matrix. But not everyone is the same speedthe language is Emeline Hahn. On online sales platforms in the United States, ” their rehabilitation equipment pelvis are considered “adult products” “, He also regrets. Or when health products are made dildo by the algorithms of internet giants …

There is much more to doabounds Yahya El Mir, noting that investors usually persists pathologies classics that consume a lot of investment. In women’s health, there are few actors. »Something ofsilver, but not only that, he judges. ” Funding is an important element, but these questions should be a social project. »

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