Ikea pays 40 million euros to Joseph’s parents, find out the reasons

We discovered this ugly story thanks to our colleagues from the American media USA Today. This was announced by journalists‘Ikea was sentenced to pay a massive sum of 41,250,000 euros to grieving parents … What happened to the giant of cheap furniture in the kit? We explain to you this dark event …

Ikearesponsible for the death of a two -year -old child?

In effect, Ikea had to pay almost 45 million euros to three families in total for the same problem. Lawyers for these American families explained that this is the biggest fine for the Swedish giant in the United States. And for good reason, very sad cases …

Jozef Dudek is a two -year -old living in California with his parents. This one was crushed under a piece of furniture Ikea. Apparently the chest of drawers does not meet safety regulations. The northern European company and the parents have just negotiated a financial agreement for the amount of 46 million dollars, or approximately 41 million euros, according to the words of the lawyer for the victims in New York Times. Money cannot buy happiness and their child cannot be returned, but Ikea will at least acknowledge its liability by paying damages. For information, legal action began in 2017 in Pennsylvania. This is the state where the headquarters of the multinational company is located.

Ikea failed to notify customers?

Parents blame Ikea its lack of transparency. In fact, the company has not interacted with the risk of collection tools Malm when it found out. In fact, many children have been killed and injured. That was in 2016Ikea has started a recall campaign for products in the scope in question.

Alas, the parents bought the dresser in 2008 and they have never heard of any issue or product recall. do ‘Ikea Is it just quiet so as not to confuse the customers? Anyway, it was a tragedy for the parents of little Jozef Dudek. His father discovered the inert body of the two -year -old boy. A cupboard weighing 30 kilos was crushed.

Son of two died under furniture

The toddler died later that day from multiple injuries. “We miss him so much. He would have been five years old in April. We never thought that a 2 year old could tip into a small 30 inch (76cm) closet and masuffocate it. It was only then that we found out that the trunk of these drawers was unstable and did not meet safety standards and this happened to other little boys », said the parents. According to the victims ’attorneys interviewed by USA Today, the $ 46 million amount is a record for the company. In fact, this is the largest amount discussed out of court after the death of a child in the United States. This somehow proves their responsibility.

Three other families experienced the same tragedy

Alas, it is not just families who have experienced such a tragedy. In 2016, Ikea also negotiated with three other homes that were in a similar situation. The kit furniture king paid a total of $ 50 million to share with the victims.

The Dudek family has already planned to donate a million dollars to three consumer associations that fight for the protection of small, specifically in terms of dangerous products. A spokesman forIkea in the United States clarified that the company is “committed to acting proactively to address this very important home security issue.”

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