Western premieres agree on health shifts

The Premier of Saskatchewan, host of the conference, said Western Canada was going through a difficult time regarding supply chains.

Western Premier must raise their voices when it comes to discussing the real services provided to our communities, both import and export.said Scott Moe.

He believes it is important that Western Canada continue discussions with the federal government on maintaining and expanding rail services and port opportunities.

Issues related to immigration, especially the reception of Ukrainian refugees, training and employment are also at the center of the debates.

The issue of federal health transfers, a top priority

Western Canadian premieres are urging the federal government to provide funding to the provinces sustainable Taking care of your health. They reiterated this request and are calling for discussions in Ottawa.

They want Ottawa to increase its share of health transfers from 22% to 35%, or $ 28 billion a year.

At a press briefing Friday morning, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and British Columbia Premier John Horgan stressed the pressures brought on by the pandemic and the subsequent increase in waiting for operations and tests, to justify their request.

Mr. He’s horgan hurry and hurry to act on health care. We have not yet reached this critical point he pointed out.

Scott Moe, said recent announcements from the federal government, such as $ 2 billion for waiting hours on operations, have welcomed and welcomed the three to five year funding agreement. appreciated .

However, he pointed out that these announcements did not respond to the request of the Prime Ministers. According to him, short -term agreements do not provide certainty on the costs indicated by the increase in transfers.

Canadians want sustainable health services »

A quote from Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan

Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson and her Alberta and Yukon counterparts Jason Kenney and Sandy Silver, respectively, agreed.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney explained that the problems facing provincial health systems existed before the pandemic.

On the Manitoba side, Premier Heather Stefanson said provincial and territorial health systems have unique and diverse challenges. He wants the federal government to increase health transfers, to allow provinces and territories to freely choose how the money will be distributed.

Ukraine, Arctic sovereignty and accessibility

Other issues discussed at Friday’s meeting include the economy, energy security, war in Ukraine and sovereignty in the Arctic.

The most important question for western Canadians is the cost of living after inflation, says Alberta Premier Jason Kenney.

This is a crisis caused by two things. The armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and lack of investment in the development of oil and gas exploration in Canada Said Mr. Kenney.

Canadians should not be affected by high energy pricessaid Mr. Kenney, referring to the fact that the country has large reserves of oil and natural gas.

Northwest Territories Premier Caroline Cochrane and Yukon Premier Sandy Silver also expressed concerns about the impact on the rising cost of living.

Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson spoke about Ukrainian refugees who have recently settled in Manitoba. We will make sure that the people who come here for shelter have the support they need while they are in our country and in our province.

Western Premiers issued a joint press release to request timely sharing of information on settlement assistance for Ukrainian refugees.

Western Premiers agreed that the Arctic is essential to Canada’s security, sovereignty and economic prosperity, and significant federal investment through increased development and presence in the northern and arctic regions is necessary to support thriving communities, ”the joint statement said.

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