We would like to register Jugurtha’s Table site on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Moez Belhassine: We want to include the Jugurtha Table site in the UNESCO World Heritage List

The Minister of Tourism, Moez Belhassinerevealed that the archaeological site “Record of Jugurtha” was located in the delegation Kalaat Senan of the governor of Kef will be the subject of an official request to include it in the Unesco world heritage list. “The natural and historic characteristics of this site will allow it to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. “, He added.

Invited on May 27, 2022 by Myriam Belkadhi on the airwaves to Shem FM, Moez Belhassine specified that a file will be drawn in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture. He also explained that this indicates the development of the site and the possibility to include the municipality of Kalaat Senan on the list of tourist municipalities to have access to funds for the protection of tourist areas.

This will make things easier for the municipality… The municipality needs to prepare a file and we will support it to become a tourist municipality … We want to make Kef a tourist destination. We support the creation of tourist destination management bodies (DMO-destination management organization)The We will make a BMD for Kef … It will be made a tourist destination “, he declared.

Moez Belhassine mentioned the human resources of the region and the skills of Kef to achieve such a goal. He explained that the ministry works with several donors such asYOU SAIDthe European Union and the GIZ to promote alternative and sustainable tourism. He stressed the adoption of a strategy that guarantees tourist dynamics throughout the year and is not limited to seasonal and coastal tourism. This business model will help maintain jobs and ensure economic and social stability.

The Minister of Tourism expressed his pride in the Tunisians working in the tourism sector in Tunisia and abroad. He affirmed that Tunisia provides an opportunity for African countries to train executives and employees in the tourism sector. He recalled that his department would propose the creation of an African training center for trades tourist. This center, according to him, will provide theoretical distance training and will allow them to follow practical training in Tunisia.

The tourism sector represents 14% of Tunisia’s GDP. More than 400,000 individuals work in this sector. The handicraft sector, which is closely associated with tourism, represents 6% of GDP. It represents collectively 20% of the country’s GDP. Nearly one million people work in the same sector… We examined the impact of the crisis caused by the spread of Coronavirus in its sectors “, he continued.

Moez Belhassine insisted on promoting feasts, specifically the wool of Tejerouine. He also mentioned creating clusters that bring together professionals and workers to create a complete chain. He said handicrafts occupy an important place in Tunisian exports.The main destination of the goods is the American market. It represents more than 100 million dinars of exports. However, there are some barriers, especially the weakness of transport and export premiums … There is also the issue of online product promotion and e-commerce. The Tunisian National Crafts Office looked at the issue of digital and digital innovation. We publish a catalog available on the Internet containing all Tunisian products with the possibility to buy goods online “, he revealed.

Moez Belhassine then mentioned the impact of capitalizing on resources and knowledge, mastering the chain to save production costs and facilitate networking. He stressed that the model of seaside resorts cannot be replicated throughout the territory. He explained that the tourist development of a region depends on the characteristics and details of the latter, hence the importance of strengthening a mhousing and alternative tourism models.

Regarding the situation at the Tunis-Carthage airport, Moez Belhassine may recalled that several meetings were held in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Customs and the Tunisian National Tourist Office in this matter. He considered that the main shortcoming of the airport was its limited capacity. He mentioned the possible extension of this structure.


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