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Something surprising is happening with the funding of political parties. The less famous will collect the most money.

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Since January, the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) and Parti Quebecois (PQ) have dominated, with nearly $ 430,000 in donations. They also have the most donors – PCQ has nearly 8,000, almost double the PQ. The Caquists came in third, followed by Solidarity and the Liberals.

How to explain this?

First, they defend a strong idea. Only the PQ alone made independence the heart of its political action, while the PCQ contained unrestricted rights.

Second, the majority of party funding comes from the state, depending on the number of votes obtained. PCQ got almost nothing in 2018. For him, collecting donations is very important. He puts a lot of energy into it.

But that’s not all. If Eric Duhaime’s party attracts, it’s because it fills a vacancy on the right.

Let’s go back to the summer of 2010. The ADQ is in freefall. Disappointed and right-wing activists created the Réseau Liberté-Québec. One of its co-founders is Éric Duhaime.

The following year, CAQ was born and ADQ joined it. Some former ADQ members are keeping François Legault, however. The future will prove them right. The CAQ government remained centered on economic and social issues. And during a pandemic, the state covers more of our lives than ever before. This is the last straw for these orphans on the right wing. They already have a reason and a pool of angry people.

All they need is a motivated leader.

Where did the 14% of Quebecers who would vote for Éric Duhaime come from?

Angus Reid asked respondents who they voted for in 2018, and who they support today. Mr. Duhaime draws first from the CAQ electorate, and to a lesser extent from the PQ.

In 2018, the CAQ took advantage of a protest vote. Many used it to oust liberals.

Since sitting down, the CAQ has gained supporters among PQs and French -speaking Liberals, especially baby boomers. But he lost some of the ex-adéquistes and those who criticized the “system”.

The divorce between Mr. Legault and the ex-adéquistes is over.

Of those who voted today for the CAQ, Mr. Duhaime was the last choice. And the opposite is true. The Conservatives no longer want to know anything about Mr. Legault. Notable example: Conservative voters make purchasing power a priority, but according to a recent Léger poll, 72% of them are critical of the $ 500 check offered in the latest CAQ budget.

Québec solidaire also has anti-authoritarian and anti-elite movements in its ranks. Judging by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois’s repeated allegations, one would think that the left party felt threatened by Mr. Duhaime. But it’s not really like that.

According to an internal poll conducted by another party, for those who voted for QS, their second choice was PQ. The Conservatives are far behind. When the QS attacked the Conservatives, it was largely a mobilization strategy. Activists want it.

Eric Duhaime changes Quebec conservatism.

There is little social conservatism in its ranks, as evidenced by Dr Roy Eappen, a member of his health duo, who is anti-abortion. The fact remains that the subject is largely a federal responsibility and that the PCQ itself says little about it.

The PCQ also possesses a conservative nationalist wing, evidenced by its goal of accepting immigrants with “harmony with civilization.” This inappropriate idea serves to woo Quebecers who are afraid of foreigners. The fact remains that according to Léger, conservative sympathizers are the ones who vote the lowest according to immigration. For economic rights, identity is blah-blah.

The PCQ is largely defined by its financial conservatism. Reducing the size of the state and enhancing the private sector are at the heart of his project.

But this description seems incomplete to me. Mr. Duhaime also contains something else. Like Pierre Poilievre, he proposes a populist and anti-system right.

Mr. Duhaime loves to say the opposite of others. The party’s program is promoting the expansion of highways 20 and 40 into three and even four lanes. Billions will be swallowed up in this adventure. The opposite of financial conservatism.

It is less ideological than reactionary. Experts tell us how to live? We will show them that we are not listening to them.

The debate is no longer just structured on arguments or ideologies. This is also explained by a clan reflex. “We’re against them”. And it has only gotten worse since the pandemic.

Those who do not trust the elites, those who reject authority, those who feel forgotten or despised find refuge in Mr. Duhaime.

This probably explains his amazing ability to attract people and raise money.

The python behind the conservative movement is undeniable, and we should try to understand it. Being neglected, it can do harm.

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