Recruitment: CIOs are optimistic, but challenged

Robert Half announced the results of a new study of 100 French CIOs on their recruitment priorities. If CIOs show strong optimism, they are also marked by growing concern about their ability to retain talent due to high salary expectations.

Robert Half, an international recruitment firm specializing in IT and digital professions, has updated its Salary Guide for the 2nd half of 2022. The salary measures of dozens of positions tracked by Robert Half has been completely modified to allow recruiters, employees and job seekers to have access to perfect up-to-date salary data for their negotiations.

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CIOs are still very optimistic about growth and recruitment prospects

Despite the global economic uncertainties, CIOs surveyed by Robert Half remain very optimistic about their company’s growth prospects for the next 12 months: 67% say they are more confident than last year, 24% as confident.

This confidence can be seen in their recruitment forecasts, a sign that the dynamism of the IT and digital professions has been maintained: 77% are expected recruitment to permanent contracts in the next 12 months, 32% the creation of new position.

“It is necessary during the crisis, importantly when emerging from the crisis, all digital professions remain in high demand in the recruitment market. This vitality has positive consequences: among the leaders surveyed, CIOs are seems less concerned than CFOs or General Managers on all standards related to employee well-being, work-life balance or employee workload.comment by Quentin de Beaufort, Director at Robert Half France.

The question of salary, concern n ° 1 in terms of retention and attractiveness of candidates

However, the optimism of CIOs has been altered by growing concerns about retaining the most qualified candidates: 74% say they are concerned about their ability to retain the best talent. This was also the first recruitment challenge identified (mentioned by 36% of respondents).

This concern is primarily related to the salary issue:

  • 32% of CIOs are worried about not being able to raise salaries to retain their employees
  • 31% are unable to offer competitive compensation in the market (salary and benefits)

In total, 60% cited too high salary expectations as a primary reason for rejecting an offer (1 in 2 also cited better competing offers).

For Quentin de Beaufort: “Very strong market dynamism disrupts candidates’ salary benchmarks. Competition over the best profiles increases negotiation margins: the fact that companies are willing to pay massive amounts for some positions create an upward spiral and feed a dull concern about salaries.The salary grids we have established through our Guide make it possible to identify these differences and set of frameworks that will help employers (and candidates) navigate the market. »

Strong competition for the most qualified profiles

The salary challenge facing CIOs reflects the pursuit of the war for talent in the IT and digital professions: 1 in 2 CIOs (49%) believe turnover has increased since the pandemic.

Behind the retention issue, CIOs cited fast recruitment to get the best candidate (36%) and finding the candidate with the right skills (35%) as key recruitment challenges.

“The quality of employees remains a major competitive advantage for CIOs. Today, it is not only a question of mastering a base of technical skills, but also the ability to lead projects, in close coordination with very important, among the recruitment criteria which CIOs do not want to ignore: 54% mentioned “soft skills” and 52% being appropriate for corporate culture, against 49% for technical skills ”said Quentin de Beaufort.

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